Blmoon your guidance would be of great help.

  • Blmoon if it's not too much to ask I would really appreciate some guidance from you. I came across a post of yours when I did a search on scripts that fake readers use because I don't want to hear or read one. Your readings seem to give true guidance which is what I think I need.

    I have been in a place of sadness and loneliness for quite a while now, constantly going back and forth but never quite leaving it completely. I try to change the way that I think but it doesn't change, not really. Life is always so stagnant, whenever I want to move forward whether it be relationship or careerwise, there is always a brick wall. It seems that my awareness has recently been growing, it all started when the name of the guy I liked kept coming at me. It still does, I thought it was a sign for potential there but nothing has come of it which only adds to how I'm feeling. Then there was a spirit that came around, it liked calling my name, and a couple nights ago I saw symbols glowing on the wall but I became afraid and it immediately disappeared. My guide was probably trying to tell me something but my fear is still in place, it's going to take awhile to get rid of it yet. All in all, if you think you can help me, I would appreciate it a million times over.

  • Your guide does not need to put symbols on the wall to speak to you. They mostly whisper in your ear as you sleep or guide things your way--it is subtle and you are in a dull lull and looking for a big wow factor. You think too much. Get out of your head and be busy more even if it is not a wow thing-- as action--movement raises your energy--and your vibration so then things do come to you. If you are empty and low and lonely it is not an energy that attracts. If you are helpless in feeling----you could attract the same in others or worse predators who take advantage of needy people--it's the law of the jungle that the weak get pecked. Your description of life is distorted--you are wearing muddy glasses---life is not stagnate--you are. Your first concern to adress is wether you are just in a low spell of confused thinking OR are you physicaly depressed. If you are young this can happen a lot---if you are older being depressed for a long period is more likely to be a physical issue and you should seek medical evaluation first. First--you are not so easy to read---you are closed off---isolated and withdrawn. Inside yourself deeply---I pick up very isolated. You remind me of someone on here I read for a long time ago. I also feel you are young. I get your state of mind but not much else---could you open up more. Something I can latch onto beside this low energy. Can you share something joyful either a real event or a dream wish? I'll see what I get for you. BLESSINGS!

  • First allow me to apologise for the way I must feel to you, I know it can't be a good thing. I decided to wait until I felt better before replying to you, hopefully I'm more open now. Yes I am young and alot of times my view on certain things is quite warped, that's why I mentioned before I try to change the way I think, but it is hard to do. Something that is joyful for me is music, it's able to calm me. I find myself waking up singing at times. Also I'm always thinking because I'm mostly bored, once I find things to occupy my time I'm sure I'll get a handle on it.

    Thank you for the blessings, blessings to you also.

  • OK---I'm down myself with alergies so thanks for the open door. No apologies for who you are. I myself am very much a loner despite my connection to all things. It's the artist's burden. I knew spirit would answer through you to lead me the right direction---I needed to know if you were clinicaly depressed or if it is your nature as a creative person as well.And you are protective of yourself--and asked for help from me but at the same time were a bit scared. Truth is you can't fake your feelings---your door was cracked open barely. So is mine many times. First, I got that you are young by the feelings of self doubt and need to control--fit in--be acceptable yet no clue to what that is and there is a resstlessness that is stronger in the young--the energy is more intense. Young people are more intense on making something happen where as adults are more trying to make LESS happen! Adults are treading water mostly. You have too much space to fill. And you are a guilt gatherer--a pleaser----this comes with a big heart that feels intensly and for artists---youth is an intensly painful place often---I can relate. I am a poet, artist and musician and as a youth in a tough neighborhood it was insane at times to balance being sensitive AND strong. Bottom line was I often felt RULED by my emotions and that is so unsettling as you fear you have no balance no controll as your emotions rule. It means you could walk into a museum--see a painting and burst into tears in public---overwhelmed with the beauty of it. The issue is growing into a place that is strong enough to feel confident with this GIFT---no apologies! Also, in youth we are full of potential--we can feel it--yet part of us knows there's a whole lot of process to getting there---again youth can be detected by that frustration of impatience. I have to get back to you as I have to go right now. Until then--keep singing! BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you Blmoon for understanding where I'm coming from. I'm glad you're able to feel me better now. Yes, I am very protective of myself so me opening up and doing this out in the open... lets just say I really needed the guidance. 🙂

  • Hi Bimoon i like the reading you have done for sailorlune, and would like to ask you to do one for me as well. i am very sensitive, and i gothru moments of up and down. i dont knowif its because spirits are constantly passing thru but i go thru so many emotions in a day. i have been seeing this guy, i am an aries 3/21/79, and he is a gemini 5/29/73. i was going thru an emotional breakup when his name came to me just as in the case of sailor and i pursued him and became intimate. He is a gemini and i dont know if its because i pursued him but he seems not to take me serious. sometimes seems like he doesnt care and his always double-minded. it seems like he is always fighting himself. we have been going thru this for 8 mths now and there have been times when i want to let go. i ask him all the time do you want me to leave you alone, and i get the impression he doesnt want me to. in the beginning he told me he had walls up and it would take time to break them down and no one ever gets close to him. i know he has something of another relationship. Around the time that his name came to me, i just heard a voice come in my head and said his name, and said i need to talk to him. Could that have been an evil spirit trying to lead me astray. What is the reason that spirit would lead me to talk to this man if there is nothing there. This has never happened before. i too have a double mind sometimes and its a bit tricky because i want to give him my all. please help me cause right now, I just dont know

  • Hi again Blmoon,

    If it's not too much trouble, I would really appreciate your insight. Things have just changed in a big way for me and I wasn't expecting it... everything is just wow, I can't believe this just happened. I'm literally just in a daze that I don't even know how to word this properly.

    This time I am open and your help would be extremely appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • Give me some time and I'll get back to you. I'm low at the moment.

  • Sure Blmoon, looking forward to what you get. 🙂

  • I came back to you today but am not getting anything but assume whatever wowed you has already changed? Is someone close to you expecting? Send me a newer post and I'll see if I get anything.

  • Hi Blmoon, how are you doing? Thanks for getting back to me. At the time I had lost my job and was pretty much in lalaland wondering what was I gonna do now. I've thought of something else, not sure if it will work because I have no clue how to do what I'm gonna try to do, but basically I'll be in business for myself. As for anyone close to me expecting, I have no idea. I've been doing card readings on myself and I kept on getting cards implying that I was going to be expecting which I thought was crazy and probably meant I was gonna go into a creative period, but I'm not sure on that stuff yet, I'm still just embracing this new side of myself.

  • Well now the expecting impression makes sense and I know I'm connecting. My impression was mostly of empty space---like a big nothing but get the connection as that is wher you are at--facing a time of recreating yourself in some way---maybe a total transformation. I get that this has not JUST happened but you've been peeling back layers for awhile--the last three months were like on fast forward and you had to hurry up to be ready for this crossroads. Actually you are feeling something universal for many --though each expierience is unique a lot of people are at the dawning of big changes. Feb. was rough for you--a lot of old emotions--fears resurfaced---you kept saying to yourself--been there done that already! Whatever the issue at the workplace-- it is a positive event--had to happen. I don't see spirit giving you instructions and a map for this next leap. That's the empty space I got---that your guidance will come but through you mostly--that's a bit scary but at the same time once you get intune with that it will exhilerate you with a sense of power and freedom---what do you have to lose? I don't know where that comes from but just hear that phrase. I mostly pick up happiness in your future--not saying that nothing external will ever go wrong but see you happier than ever befor---a sense of bliss and freedom. So whatever the last 3-4 years have been about you've gotten it. Spirit shows me EGO so you've made major perspective changes---you are no longer led by insecurity or reading things from a perspective of being judged. You are less judgementle with yourself and don't rehash and micro examine the day

    you have discovered that people are not always thinking what you FEAR they are thinking. You've been letting go and life has been beating you up a bit to push you to change that and it really is in the past---you know that you will always have to keep in check with that but everyone does. Spirits are smiling around you--very pleased and proud--they show me the word AWARENESS. It is written in gold. You must make the best with this good fortune as it is truelly a hard earned blessing. It is yours as long as you allow yourself to claim it. Whatever you have been focusing on keep it up and just continue to think positive. There will be bumps but they will not stick as you will view it all as part of learning---you will take on a very---ok--that didn't go so well but lets fix it and move on. The only advice I get for you is to be open to new relationships---and possibly exploring groups or kinds of people that are very new to you. Your intitial uneasyness will be that fear of knowing that these new people will demand accountability and will keep you honest and hard working. Also you will hook up with a few mask wearers but it is a learning tool---you may be temporarly seduced by people who present a surface image that draws people in but you will be using that inner gut feeling thing----you will be sizing people up. This will really pump up your career----whatever you do this will be valuable. So--I'm hearing--keep up with the changes you've made they are working---awareness---self confidence and a can do never look back attitude. I know it sounds too good to be true but this is a very golden time for you---I can't say I get this strong of a positive golden streak often. What a great message to give. Again, this does not mean crap py stuff will not happen now and then but that you will be in a strong happy place that will survive whatever comes at you. Trust yourself---that's your mantra. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon, I need your insight when you get the chance?

  • Thank you for taking the time to do a reading for me blmoon. I think I understand what the message is, some of it is confusing but I still understand. What do I have to lose... I've been getting that in the cards too and yes, I have been saying been there done that as well.

    I'm grateful for the time you took to do this, again thank you and love & light to you Blmoon.

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