Why Wont My Cancer Man Settle With Me?

  • I have been dating a cancer man for 3 years. I am a pisces female. The first year I wasnt concerned because I was still dating other people. But we were ALWAYS together. By the 2nd year he moved in with me. It was inevitable he was always at my house or spending weekends. Now he's still with me but not as much and he has had flings with other women. we never made it official. But the bond is still there. What can I do to make it official and rebuild the bond we once had. He is my best friend and I only want him. He says he's not ready to settle down. As they all do. Where is that faithful devoted Cancer man? Why dont I have him?

  • honey it sounds like you are giving far more than you are getting which effectively ends the challenge for a man, he doesn't need to commit because he knows he can date other women and you will still be there. I would recommend you read Sherry Argovs books, shift your energy and focus back to you and pursuing your own individual joy. Let him start feeling like he doesn't have a total hold on you and if he does have strong feelings, he will do what it takes to keep you.

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