Dating a Taurus man - HELP!

  • I hope someone can shed some light on my situation. I am dating a Taurean Man (born on May 20) with a Moon in Libra. Not sure of rising as I don't know his time of birth. We have been dating for 3 months but have been moving verrrrry slowly. I have done extensive reading on the net about Taurus males and this seems par for the course. He is 44 and I am 33 which doesn't bother me as I prefer an older man. He is a great person, lovely and kind, generous etc, taking me to nice dinners, lunch, driving me around, opens my door etc so all nice romantic things. We take turns making each other dinner, watching movies, going places and just generally enjoying each others company. I remember the moment he took my hand, my heart soared because I knew from the moment I met him, he wasn't like other guys and the fact that he placed so much emphasis on taking my hand one night, meant that he (at least to me) was serious and I was happy to take it slow. The odd thing though is that we haven't really kissed each other. Sure, we've kissed on the lips, had hugs, snuggled on the couch and held hands, but nothing beyond that. It doesn't bother me so much how fast or slow it moves and I am not worried about the sex side at the moment, but I am a bit confused by his actions. Doesn't a guy that likes a girl want to kiss her properly? I will also add he has a 12 year old daughter so I understand the need to want to be careful about who you bring into your life too. I haven't met her as yet and I am also fine with that.

    Up until about 2 weeks ago we were seeing each other at least 3 times a week depending on the week. All of a sudden, he seems to have dropped off a bit. He doesn't call or takes time to return calls, doesn't always return texts and sometimes returns calls with a text, which really irritates me. So for about 2 weeks I haven't seen him. I know he has been really busy with a scuba diving course he has just taken on and has been totally exhausted from it but can't he find a few minutes even a couple of times a week to even chat to me? I understand if he is busy if we don't see each other but the sudden lack of contact hurts me. Is he over it?

    I finally caved and called him on Monday to see how he was (which he returned with a text) and said he was busy with scuba this week and could we catch up on Sunday. I said OK, that was a result and I am praying now he keeps the date. The weird thing is, he always checks my Facebook, posts funny comments or 'Likes' my statuses and also RSVPed straight away about a week ago when I organised a bowling night with friends. Keep in mind - he hasn't met the friends yet, so the quick response made me feel great. So why the split personality???

    One thing I should mention also is that on Valentine's Day, we didn't see each other and nothing happened. All I got was a text that said 'Happy Valentine's Day xxxx'. That was nice but I was disappointed that's all. Granted, I didn't know his feelings on the day so I couldn't really get too upset. Because I am me, I bought him a little gift but nothing too personal or mushy so I got him a keyring with his initials on it. He loved it and put it straight on his keyring, telling me it would 'be with him always'. He was quite stoked I remembered his middle name and gave me kisses but nothing passionate, just lots of little ones. I wrote a nice card too - nothing too mushy - just saying that I thought he was an awesome person and I was really enjoying getting to know him and I look forward to many more adventures. Simple yet it said something. Would this have scared him off?

    SO (and I apologise for the long-windedness), what do you think gives? What should I do? Has he gone cold? Should I bring it up? I've read conflicting info on the net so I'm not sure. Some sites say pursue him, others say let him pursue you. I know Taurus males don't like to be pushed and they're slow but how slow is too slow? Do I risk saying something or wait for him and at what point do I stop looking at him as a 'Taurus' and start thinking about the right way I deserve to be treated?

    Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated!!! Thanks so much if you've read this far!!!


  • SparklingEmerald,

    You have a man that you will have to take the lead with if you want an intimate affair to happen. He respects you and is a bit afraid of you, is my feelings. He may have had a very bad marriage and carries baggage from it and knows that he just might want to marry you if he begins to have an affair with you.

    That is why he is dragging his feet now.

    May 20th birthday means he can be a very stubborn man and when he says No he means it. He likes very nice places and things and will share them with a love interest.

    Sounds like you have won his heart , now you need to step it up and win his passion. I know I don't need to tell you how to do that. lol


  • Hi Shuabby,

    Thanks so much for your response. What gives you the impression he is afraid of me? Is this me personally or because he's been hurt in the past?

    In terms of stepping up passion, to be honest, I'm not quite sure how to do that, at least not with him so much. With other guys in the past, it has definitely been a lot easier as they have been flirty or it's progressed quicker etc. I want to move forward without freaking him out or turning him off me. We flirt for sure and we can have cheeky conversations so that is all OK.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hey Shuabby,

    Got another one for you - hope you don't mind!

    Am not as distressed about it but am getting somewhat annoyed. This morning, my man's place got broken into and he confronted the person. Nothing was stolen and he wasn't hurt so all was OK on that front. He sent me a very long email this morning about it, which I thought was nice that he was sharing it all with me. As I was at work today, I called him in my lunch break. He didn't answer which was OK. I left a message letting him know that I was thinking of him and to call me whenever he could so he could tell me about it. No return call OR text. I tried calling after I left work but this time didn't leave a message. It is now 9:40pm at night. I called about 20 mins ago and left another message.

    Why doesn't he return any of my calls? What gives here? This is what confuses the hell out of me! Again, I am not tooo distressed but more hurt/offended that he took the time to write me this long winded email yet can't return THREE phone calls made to him today as I was concerned about his welfare.

    Any feedback would be great!


    C xx

  • SparklingEmerald

    Does he know who did the breaking in? It feels as if he does. This fellow just may be hiding some things under the rug that he doesn't want you to know. He knows that you are his friend and that he can turn to you and he likes that feeling. You need to meet his friends if you have not already and get a feel as to his caracter. I think in the meantime that you need to start treating yourself to some fun and nights out with your friends and just see if there is a jewel of a fellow out there waiting to match your emerald.


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