Libra twin flames and soulmate

  • Hello, I'm a Libra and I just can't find my true love I seem to attract the wrong guys................I don't know where I'm going wrong? any advice out there for me would be appreciated.....

  • People are our mirrors and we give off certain vibes that attract partners to us. It may help you to analyse what it is about the guys you are attracting to see if there are any issues you might need to resolve in yourself.

    As a general guide (it may not apply to you) -

    If you attract violent partners, you may feel a lot of self-hatred or think you deserve to be punished for something. You may have been taught to be passive and not speak up for yourself.

    If you attract immature men, you may have a need to be a mother or a nurturer or take care of someone as if they were your child (maybe a desire to have a real child).

    If you attract partners who won't commit or stick around, you yourself may have fears of commitment or losing your independence. Or maybe you have trust issues or just expect to be abandoned or rejected.

    If you attract partners who act superior and boss or bully you, you may have low self-esteem or think you cannot manage on your own.

    If you attract clingy, dependent partners, you may feel responsible for everyone's problems and situations, and you may think you have to 'fix' them.

    Look for clues to what vibes you are giving out in the type of person you are attracting. Then you can work on resolving your issues.

  • Hello The Captain,

    Many thanks for your reply, I think I'm attracting guys who won't commit or stick around, even though they know I like them, not sure about whats going wrong, ??

  • Hi Captain,

    The other thing is that I tell them about my previous marriage,?

  • If you are attracting guys who don't want commitment and you tell them about your previous marriage (is that a test or what?), they get that you are the marrying kind and will almost surely disappear. Maybe you are afraid to attract someone who is really suitable and good for you, in case you lose them like you lost your husband?

  • Hi Captain,

    Your absolutely right, just wish I could meet my twin fame soon.

  • No you really don't - deep down there is a fear of things going bad that is preventing you from attracting true love. Once you face and deal with this isue, you will attract the right person for you.

    And twin flames are very rare - you don't always meet one in one lifetime. But you can have several soulmates per life.

  • Yes there is a fear of things going wrong - I will work on these issues. Thank you xx

  • hello, anyone, i need help, i'm an aries 3/21/1979, messing around with a gemini 5/29/73. i cant figure this guy out. can someone do a reading for me and tell me if this is going anywhere at my wits end right now

  • Sharlenerose29, this is Twinklelibra's personal thread. If you want me to answer you, you must start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" at the top right of this page. As soon as you do so, I will give you a compatibility report there.

  • Hi Captain, hope your well - I am having a little moan I am so fed up with not meeting anyone - I am happy at work and I go out with my friends but I feel something is missing in my life? do you have an insight of me meeting someone?


  • Sue, things don't happen in our lives because of our fears. What do you fear happening if you meet someone you like or who likes you? Do you fear losing your independence or freedom? Do you fear having to make compromises? Or being cheated on or betrayed or hurt? Or what?

  • Captain the only thing I fear is being hurt but I do know that I need to meet someone before I worry about that, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong?

  • No, you need to work through your fear of being hurt BEFORE you will attract anyone nice. So many people make the mistake of thinking others are here to heal us of our problems but it is only ourselves who can truly heal our own fears and insecurities.

  • You are absolutely right Captain I was thinking that meeting someone would help to heal me. I have brought a Yoga DVD a couple of days ago which I've enjoyed doing. Do you have any suggestions as how to healing my fears and insecurities?


  • Well, do you know what they are?

  • I'm scared that I might meet someone violent again and hurting me by keeping quiet about not telling anyone like my ex made me matter how hard I tried to save my marriage the violence just got worse and worse for me because my own family wouldn't help me the made me stay in the marriage and suffer the violence.......that's what I'm scared of .........getting trapped in violence again.

  • Thank you Captain for the thread link it has definately helped me a lot to move forwards and being aware. Its a very good thread, It felt I was reading about myself! I hope you don't mind me asking but did you experience this too??

    I knew you would be able to help me, no wonder your name came to mind when I was asking myself how can I move forwards!!

    Hope you are well chat soon love Sue xx

  • This is really useful advice Captain... thanks for sharing.... and Twinkle I can so ooo relate to you.... its useful to see and pinpoint what these blocks are... and how to get around them..... not always soo easy....

    btw im a Libra too... and my biggest fault is not being able to decide because i do fear being pinned down and hurt again...

    thanks TwinkleLibra 🙂

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