Spirit Spread{interpretation, please?}

  • For the last week or so, whenever I think of this one man I admire, I suddenly feel a presence. In fact, as I type this I feel them. It's a calm, serene, lovely presence.. I am not frightened at all, but curious to know about who they are. I almost always get this cold, pressing feeling on neck, shoulder and ear on the right side. It feels as though someone is sitting next to me, placing their hand or head on my shoulder. I would just shrug it off, but I get the feeling that they are here for a reason. That they are trying to give me some kind of message, but I don't know who they are or what they need to tell me. I'm sure this is a spirit, I've always been able to tell if one is present.

    So, I did @miss_apples "Spirit Spread" from tarotforum.net. I tried to get my mother to help me with this interpretation, but she's a little stumped too. Any insight?






    card #1 represents the spirit, who they are

    card # 2 represents why they are with you right now

    card # 3 represents what they want you to know

    card # 4 represents what actions you can take and/or how you can help them

    card # 5 is a summary/outcome of the entire reading

    1: Hierophant

    2: 4 Swords

    3: 2 Cups

    4: Hermit

    5: Chariot

    (For some reason I drew another card): Death

    • I do not want to state who the person is, to avoid the possibility of being mocked, but I'd like to add that the man I talked about earlier is someone who comes from a very powerful family.

  • Anyone have any insight? My mother and I are still stumped on this reading.

  • The Hierophant is traditionally someone who teaches from an established (often religious or spiritual) source, someone who takes the extremely complicated and unintelligible and explains it in a way you can understand. The Hierophant indicates that your mystery spirit is indeed someone trying to tell you something - or rather teach you something. Some readers interpret the Hierophant as "establishment," and that he's closed-off, dogmatic, and likely to give you the runaround, but he's traditionally represented as a kind, wise, elderly man. This is the more likely option here. He's almost like a father, possibly more like a step-father, and as a spirit, he's trying to teach you something in a very kind way.

    The Four of Swords represents retreating into your thoughts and subconscious in order to solve a specific problem or consider one certain aspect of your existence. Something may be troubling you, or you may just want to try to puzzle out a complicated situation - either way, you seek solitude. In the midst of this solitude, you generally receive advice, either from a person of authority, a friend, or some higher power OR SPIRIT. Your spirit apparently knows the answer to a confusing or complex issue in your life, and wants to give you some insight into it.

    The Two of Cups is one of my absolute favorite cards, and it signifies a significant, deep relationship with another person. Both people are facing each other, each holding a cup of wine (the Tarot Cups are filled with wine), and they appear to be touching or holding hands. This, to me at least, resembles an ancient form of marriage ceremony (though the card does not necessarily represent marriage). The two figures are being watched over by the Caduceus (which is the snake-and-staff found on American ambulances, and as a general symbol of good health), and the Lion (think Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia). If this is the advice your spirit is trying to give you, it means he's telling you that you have a lot of potential for a relationship with the man you admire (probably romantic, but the Two of Cups can indicate a strong friendship instead), and that such a relationship would be graced with mutual spiritual contentment and good health.

    The Hermit is a guide and role model, but he represents so many other things. In the Fool's Journey, the Hermit is the last stage of physical life before the Fool moves on to explore the spirit - the Hermit has learned all that it is possible to know from experiencing the mundane, and desires to turn his sight inward. More realistically, he represents withdrawing yourself for a time, and meditating and seeking advice. In this case, it means that you should stop and meditate perhaps, or simply withdraw from the clamor of daily life and let the spirit tell you everything he wants you to know.

    The Chariot is a card of triumph, victory, and agression (though not of the passive-agressive, malevolent kind). It also indicates motion or two or more forces working together so that they all emerge victorious. In your case, it probably means that the spiritual world is working with you in your relationship to the man you mentioned. This spirit wants to give you advice, and fully wants to help you on your way. As a summary of the reading, you have the full consent and support of the unseen to go ahead with your relationship with this man.

    I hope I was able to help.

    Blessed Be,


  • Alex, thank you so much for your interpretation! I've been anxious to hear someone's thoughts about this reading.

    I do have a question, and I don't know why I didn't add this to my initial post, but I drew two other cards (I don't know why I said one)that night in addition to the spread. I don't know if they have any significance, but they were Death and then the Knight of Pentacles.

    To my understanding, Death represents the end of something but a transformation or new beginning to follow; and Pentacles/Coins represent money and the Knight of Pentacles is a young man who could be dark in features or in personality - not dark as 'evil', but stubborn, hard-working, serious. In your opinion, would you say that this card symbolizes him? He doesn't have dark features, but he is very hard-working, can be stubborn and serious at times. Also, in a book I read, it mentioned that the Knight of Pentacles is a Virgo, and coincidentally he is a Virgo too. In your opinion, would you say that it's saying my current situation or life as I've been living will come to an end, but this man will bring a brand new beginning?

    As for the Hierophant, do you think it's someone who is related to me or to him? I already know that my father would approve of him(but he wasn't exactly a helpful person while he was living and he thought more about his own happiness than mine), but I think his mother's approval would be more important. Is it possible that his deceased mother could be the spirit instead, even if her and I haven't met? The reason I ask, is because from what I know of in regards to his mother, she was a wonderful woman and wanted all of her children to find and keep love, she was a big romantic. In my opinion, I think that even after death, a parent will usually be by your side, helping you find the things you need. Since she always stressed how important it was for her children to find love and to cherish it, would it be possible that she took it upon herself to find the woman her son is supposed to be with and the path led to me? For an even bigger stretch, is it possible that my father and his mother met in the afterlife and decided to work together? This all may sound far-fetched, I'm just trying to make sense of everything.

    Thank you for taking the time out to share your thoughts. I appreciate your help immensely.

  • Seeing as how the extra two cards you drew don't exactly fit anywhere in the spread itself (meaning they don't have a position that would help with interpretation), how they are to be interpreted is fair game, though I have some ideas. I'm wondering what drove you to draw two extra cards? I've never experienced anything like that before (though I have had cards 'jump' out of the deck).

    My thought is that Death signifies that whatever's troubling you and making you seek solitude (Four of Swords and Hermit) will soon be over and done, and you'll be able to start a new chapter in your life, perhaps with the man in question.

    The Knight of Pentacles is a reliable, hard-working, yet sensitive and sensual man, and he could very well be the one in question. I'm certain your life as you know it will become very, very different, though I'm not entirely sure whether the Knight of Pentacles will BRING a new beginning, or simply be a significant part of your future. Either way, I think your spirit is suggesting that you should pursue a relationship with this man.

    As for the Hierophant and his identity, I'm not entirely sure. He is undoubtedly a male figure, and certainly a member of a previous generation. In this case, I absolutely think it's someone's father, either yours or his. His mother actually sounds quite a bit like the Empress, and in any case I would've expected her to appear as a female figure in the spread. Since the Hierophant is a male, I'm going to say that he very well could be your father. One thing you could do is ask him to identify himself somehow - he'll tell you. I'm not necessarily saying that any particular thing is the right or wrong answer, but if your mother and his father met in the afterlife and decided to work together, they'd probably both be with you, and you'd feel two presences - either that, or your spirit is in fact your father, and his mother is urging him on in the same way.

    Good luck,


  • Alex, thank you again for taking the time out to answer my questions. I truly appreciate it.

    I stumbled across a book the other night and it said that drawing the four of swords in a reading could represent the intervention of higher guidance. I think that little bit of information itself confirms the reading as you interpreted it. It all makes complete sense now. Thank you!

  • You're very welcome. If there's anything else I can help you with, let me know.


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