Can you try to help?

  • have lost a mobile phone with all my contacts. Any clues from anyone where i could look for it? Is there still any chance of getting it back?

  • Call your phone company---most of them can track it down. Also try calling it yourself. I did that twice and an honest person answered and I got it back. GOOD LUCK!

  • Thanks Blmoon, i have asked them, they cannot track it down and i have tried to call my number several times, unsuccessfully. Probably somebody else is the owner now. 😞 It's not so much the phone that i'd like to get back but all the contacts and other things i had there but maybe it was a sign hat now i really need to say good bye to the past. Thank you for response Blmoon. 🙂

  • I like your positive attitude--often just when we let it go--it comes back!

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