Clashing decks. input?

  • i have an herbal tarot deck thats got a kinda funny energy to it, but thats just the way it is. i also have a numerology thing. you put the numbers3-30 on cards, then shuffle and add together 3 cards for a sum that tells you an answer. i have a guide that goes with it to tell what each number means. it really does help with some stuff and its effective. but anytime i try to use them and don't wait a few weeks between switching, the energy gets seriously wonky. i cant even keep them next to each other or it gets lot worse. its like trying to put the north poles of magnets together. im just wondering if anybody has any tips or input for me. thanks!

  • Wow, I never thought that it really would be possible.

    Were your cards handled by other people before they got to you?

    To be honest, when I got my second deck of tarot cards I felt that one would be jealous of the other. I never did anything about it though. I only keep them in their respective boxes.

    Maybe it's the way that you treat them? I think it's more about the energy that you may give them, so I think spending some quality time with each until all three of you are balanced.

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