Intriguing? Can I get some other perspectives?

  • So I've been looking into new spreads recently, as opposed to the three fates (which used to be my end-all spread) and I came across this one.

    Future Relationship Spread

    Card 1: When will this person come into out life (aka when the querent is happy, have enough finances ect)

    Card 2: How/Why will we meet? (aka through a friend, through work ect

    Card 3: Will the relationship work? If so, How?

    Card 4: Does he/she have any secret baggage?

    Card 5: The Outcome

    I then had the spread layed out like so:




    I was wondering if anyone could give me their takes on this reading? the cards I got were:

    1. The sun

    2. Death

    3. Knight of Swords

    4. Eight of Cups

    5. Knight of Cups

    One thing that had me perplexed was that there are for images of horses. (the sun, death, and both knights)

    The second thing that drew my attention was that I had two knights.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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