Cancer man..... confusing need help!

  • hi all,

    met a cancer guy, start dating, great chemistry, great connection, and great sex. he calls me (not me) every night, and we will talk for an hour. he sends me text and email saying that there are so much that he can share with me... etc, the sweet stuff. he would talk about his up bringing, and share his weakness, etc. i thought things are going fine.

    however, here is the deal. he never told me that he even "likes" me. i am not looking for that L word. just "like". no, it is not coming. he would say "i enjoy your company, i enjoy the time with you." what the f***?? me, on the other hand, being a direct talker (aires), would say without hesitation "i am attracted to you" " you make me happy" thingy....

    does he like me???? i really don't know! this is my first cancer guy and i am dead confused!! with this level of intimacy and connection, other guys would have said "i am crazy about you" long long time ago!!!

    please, anyone, can you give me advice??

  • Hi, Have ya'll stopped talking recently or as much. So, if I'm reading this right, ya'll got physical right away. Not a good idea because you really don't know this person and it may not develop into anything more. Based on what you have wrote.

    My advice is not to get physical right away with anyone. Too risky.

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