AstraAngel, may I have another Reading please? So confused and hurt :(

  • So My ex and I...we met up on 2/22 because he messaged me on 2/21 asking if we could talk.

    So things didn't go as was more me telling him how I feel and him saying "be direct". I told him my heart wants him but my brain say no.. We ended up having intercourse. The next day I wrote him a letter asking if we could talk but not in person because I honestly wanted to talk and not have it lead to sex, with the note I brought him food because he likes eating a lot. He didn't reply since then..a couple of days ago, I didn't see him at school so I messaged him asking if he was okay. Yesterday night, he went ape shit on me because someone told him I was talking bad about him. He proceeded to say things that he knows would hurt me. "how he wants his ex back, and how he likes other girls, he wants me to leave me alone, he has better things to do with him time than waste it talking to/about me" I tried telling him I haven't spoken to anyone about him but he was set on believing that I spoke bad about him. and now im just depressed because I miss him so much and that Tuesday (2/22) we talked..everything was so perfect and it really seemed like him missed me and wanted to get back together...

    What should I do? Should I wait for him to cool off and calm down before initialing a conversation? Should I just move on and forget him? idk what to do..I just miss him.

    His birthday : July 10th

    Mines : September 25th

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