May I have a love reading please?

  • Hi my name is Leah (2/9/84 and my guy's name is Alfred (4/24/84). Can someone please tell me how/ where things are going with us? I greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  • According to your astrological profile, your relationship is good for a love affair but not particularly recommended for marriage. Physical and sensuous, this relationship often features an interest in current events and social doings. Romantically and sexually, it can blaze like a house on fire, at least for a while - in fact, romance and a dreamlike quality give the relationship a soft glow. There is a significant danger however that the two of you will get caught up in seeking a perfect vision of a relationship rather than dealing with the realities of one.

    Alfred is fascinated by your colourful personality, Leah, and he may find you romantically irresistible. You for your part can find his brand of sexuality extremely rich and rewarding, though he can have issues with sex, perhaps feeling guilty about wanting it too much or wanting to prove he is desirable. A problem in a long-term relationship here, Leah, is that your need for attention and affection is monumental. Since Alfred usually has other things to do, he may find your demands tiring or wearing, particularly after a hard day's work. Marriage or a permanent living situation then is often not meant to be.

    Another possible problem you two may encounter is that you Leah may tend to accuse Alfred of things of which you yourself are guilty. Projection is a key word here. A lot of the time, you are an exciting, bubbly and happy personality. But when Alfred sees the haze of unreality behind your positive attitude, trouble is probably not far off. As a master of reality himself, he will probably be judgmental and critical of your optimism and you may come to feel that a damper is always being thrown over your enthusiasm. Your resulting dark moods, anger and outbursts from your shadow side may fuel the fire. Alfred has a lot to teach you but will generally find you hard or impossible to 'keep in line'. You in turn may have trouble pleasing him, since he seems to know better about almost everything. Your insistence on doing things in your own irrepressible and highly individual, even peculiar way may irk Alfred no end.

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