Reading Please...?

  • Hello tarot readers,

    Is it possible for someone to give me a reading?

    I'm thinking of entering this competition and I was wondering what the cards see if I do or don't.

    I'm being very self-conscious since it's a dancing and singing competition and I'll have to show off my skill to the public, but the main reason I'm doing this is because the company is based in South Korea and my dream is to go there.

    I know I should know better, but I just need a little help... Encouragement to do it or to let it go.

    Much appreciated.

    Hugs and Love


  • EL

    You have been drawn to the competition for a reason and that is to enter. I feel you are good at what you do and will put the needed work into your presentation. The company is based in SK but that does not mean that you will go there if you win. A lot of companies are based in other countries yet deal with the US for business.

    Don't dispair because if this is a dream of yours than you can adchive it and go to SK on your own someday.

    I feel you doing well in this competition , top 5 is what I get.

    Please let us know how this turn out.


  • team EIAI! GO FOR IT!

  • Shuabby, thank you so much!

    I think you are right about me not being able to go to South Korea. I have been wanting to enter this competition since they announced it last year, but I felt that I wasn't good enough to do it and tried to forget about it. Yet, I keep seeing it and today it came up. Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for the audition in my state, but they still are holding general auditions for this country. (the one I wanted to enter was a 'Global Competition') So this one is based in the US only.

    I'll do my best.

    Both to enter and to someday go to South Korea.

    Thank you Shuabby!

    And thank you too DDTT!

    Hugs and love for the both of you.

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