Hello to all Cancerian guys or anyone who knows Cancerian traits

  • It's been awhile I haven't been here and yes I am pretty sure I will received an answer for my situation I was told ages ago that this Cancer man is no good for me and yes somehow. I do aware that I lost myself respect and even my health suffer but I'm now back to life much better than before things lot more better but life is not perfect. Since last year I get back to connect again to this cancer man and I can easily compare that my relationship with him is way far better than before, I just found out that this guy is have hard time since then he never grow up with his family and he doesn't know his biological parents things that touch again my heart and they are four siblings and very lucky that their adopted together and had same poster parents. I was told that he can give anything from me and he doesn't have the life style that I have. Since last year he started to open up his self and I do understand why sometimes he can be insecure to his self. I said to him the I'm so proud to him and I want him to know that he is important to this world and he must be proud to his self and yes he is family oriented things that I do like to him. The funny thing was I'm now lost again in my situation yes I'm aware that we're friends but were acting like were having relationship. We spend most of the time and he or I can stay in our place and we spend more time together of course any relationship is not perfect and we have misunderstand for he lied to me again and he did it again. Yes we have no relationships but I said to him give a lil bit of respect or consideratiion. To cut the story short I have no evedince if he had a chance to meet up to his chat mate . We had argue and I fit shallow reason that there's nothing wrong with chatting but I'm with him. Things getting worser and I do admit I over the line if he can talk to me like a piece of shit before I never hear him talking to me the way before . Lately we do have misunderstanding and I put all the cheating and lying that he did to me before and I do abuse him on the phone and I do regret it and sincerely given apologized but I never see him like that of sending me message to tell me how much more I want him to take from me. We both decided to give space till next week but I can easily feel that I hurt him deeply and he doesn't want to visit at my place and asking me its about time for me to come and visit him at his place but I turn it down cos the and Im not really comfortable. I have always seen a sign of his infedility though I look like a friends with benefits on the situation cos I was told that I'm his good friend but I show him that he upset me cos were together. I felt bad cos the words that I put on him is it's been ages issue and this recent happen his totally worried and a bit scared to me cos up to now I can bring those things and yes I'm over and getting nasty for I know his change but just because i hurt him badly and got the idea I'm still holding and yes it's true cos I want him to explain good or bad and i hate liars but anyways

    I'm willing to move on but I know his still open to compromise cos I already gave sincere apologoy if I read his message i myself felt so bad cos I was below the belt and rude and uncontrolable and I saw his a bit afraid and bit worried on my reaction I'm willing to let him go and I will do my own thing but if I remember my stupidity I'd love to cuddle him and I will comfort him and when

    I ask him he said He will never ever come to me and it's about time to come to his place. He giving me a confusing signal and I can't wait for him if his till not ready but I hope thinks will turn out better if I will speak to him next week unfortunately I can't I'm so embarrassed to him and to myself. What is the best thing to do in this situation just to to him and start own my own cos life is too short and I can't wait for him. Anyways This is his message and of I read this I felt bad for I put all to him that day .

    I am trying to be appreciative and understand you however when i do you go back and bring up things all over again. Im a cheater liar dog etc. Etc. Then you want to know all about my life and what i should be doing with it. Im not perfect but i dont complain like you do its become embarrassing it really has I want to be your friend ann i really do but how much more do you expect me to take

    And when I said sorry he answer me this

    How do i know your sorry you ripped me to shreds ann and for what because i didnt know it was your bday please. And yes I got tantrum for he forgot my birthday the other week .

    But I just receive a message that we better see each other next week and we both need some space and he wants me to be happy and so he is when we meet up but I'm a bit confused I guess its about time to tell him that I can't keep him if I have no relationship but friends and doing things more than friends. Im a bit okey now and I can stand on my own though I do still care about him more than a friend and he knew that but I still called a friend of him but I'm don't want his friends with benefits I'm old enough to play this game I'm so confused cos I have a chance but sometimes the hope is enough enough I do want a tittle the girlfriend not a friends with benefit s

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