Cancer woman broke up with me :-(

  • Hi,

    I really need some advice about how to handle this break up with my Cancer woman. We have been together for about 3 months and everything was great then all of a sudden she text me saying it was over. Maybe it wasn't all great for her because I had to work a lot and she always found something else to do to waste time but I did tell her that we would have more time to spend together next weekend since I wont have to work as often. I was really devastated by her text because we were just laughing and joking a few hours earlier. She wouldn't answer my calls when I tried to find out why she broke up with me and then a few hours later she sent me a text saying we had nothing in common and she didn't want to be my friend either and to not to call her anymore. I told her how much I cared about her and she just texted me to just walk away. How can she be so lovingly one minute then do a whole 360 the next minute? I do want to be with her but I just don't know what to do because she told me not to contact her anymore. In the beginning she thought we had a lot of things in common and now she feels that we don't which is kind of strange. How do I go about trying to win her back?


  • WHAt a joke! You think you want to be with her then be with her and STOP BEING A idiot. You have hurt her for too long and seriously I dont believe you when you say you want to be with her coz if you really did then you would be, this shows me your not serious and thats why she broke up with you. Get over yourself and stop harrassing this woman and get on with your life. ITS OVER!

  • 3 months of dating, she dumps you, and you want her back? Why? I could see if it was 3 years.

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