My birth date - 9/9/81 - Any significance?

  • Hello everyone,

    I've just joined this forum in the hope that it may be able to provide with some answers or at the very least some lines of investigation as to something I have wondered about for many years.

    I have always had a weird curiosity over the numbers in my birth date and I was hoping some more experienced members of this forum would help deciphers these number correlations and bring forth some meaning (if there is any).

    I have always been open to the idea of numerology and astrology but have never really researched it extensively. I'm hoping that the investigation of my numbers will help me in developing my own knowledge of numerology further.

    Firstly let me show you the correlations -

    I was born on the 9/9/81

    1. 9 multiplied by 9 is 81

    2. 8 plus 1 is 9

    3. 9 plus 9 is 18 (reversed 81)

    4. I turned the age of 18 on the 9/9/99

    I was wondering the correlations in these numbers have any significance in numerology. I'm willing to accept that there there is no significance and that my birth date just has weird correlations. However my instinct tells that there is a significance (even a small one).

    I place my faith in the experienced numerologists on this forum to help discover any possible meaning to these numbers and I want to thank you all in advance for your advice and helping me to research these matters in more detail.

    Many thanks.


  • Hi Starchini - I have made a study of numerology over the years and while I am just an amateur I share your fascination with number patterns.

    This is a nice birthpath you have there but you are forgetting one important thing - your year of birth is really 1981. That is 1 + 9 + 8 + 1 = 19 (1 + 9) = 1

    So now you take your full year of birth, 9 + 9 + (1 + 9 + 8 + 1) = 9 + 9 + 1 = 19 = 1. Your birthpath is 1, a life mission of leadership and initiative. Even if you try to avoid leadership it will seek you ought. You have the life energy to start projects and trends and affect others by doing so.

    When you are doing further research on your birthdate - or any date - keep in mind the full four digits of the year. Here's another example: your personal year is found by adding your month and day of birth to the current year.

    9 + 9 + (2+0+1+2 = ) 5 = 5 personal year. This is a year in which changes that you feel you need to make will be supported by the universe - in fact there may be many more changes than you are comfortable with, or the rate of change may seem very fast and drastic. Have faith that this is all for a purpose, some things have to be moved out of the way to make way for growth and new developments in your life.

    This year could involve extensive travel and/or a geographic change for you. These influences of 5 are likely already evident but will intensify as you get to your birthday in September when the vibration comes into full play. "Go with the flow" is the motto for 2012 into 2013 for you. Enjoy the journey!

    ~ Clouise

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