• Hello there.

    I saw you commented on my last post i was wondering if you could do a reading for me about my love life just whats in store and what girl you see me being with if there is one! Also my birthday is tomorrow was wondering if i will be happy with the day and if the libra girl will make any effort to say something to me regarding my birthday.

  • Can you give me your full birthdate and your Libran friend's if you know it?

    And of course you will be with someone - if you get past any issues that may be stopping you from attracting love. I can help you with that. How do you feel - good and bad - about being in love and with someone?

  • Thanks for the reply.

    My birthday march 1 1988

    her bday oct 19 1987

    I don't really have any issues i just feel very connected to this female. Shes been in my life forever ... very close to the family. I just don't really understand the connection we share so i kinda just wanna know more about it. I dream constently about her never negative and always negative about the current girl im with ... so im just very confussed about that. Because you would think it would be the opposite.

    Anyways i hope that helps a little bit. thanks for doing this.

  • Hello

    Sorry to bother you j/w if you were still interested in doing a reading for me.

  • HP, your relationship with this girl can be very warm, close and sympathetic because empathy (even hero-worship) will predominate here more than romantic feelings. You are very different temperamentally, so a romantic love relationship is not the best type of matchup here. You HP are more heart-oriented and your friend more head-oriented. The energy here is less passionate and more understanding and affectionate. So you have something to teach each other about what you each don't have - thus it's more of a mutual appreciation, attraction of opposites, 'helpful for growth' sort of relationship. You can actually forge your strengths into an effective working team. The key - and often its focus - to this relationship is to accept and appreciate each other's talents and skills.

    You two feel that you are no threat to each other, either physically or psychically. You know each other well so It seems to be a 'safe' relationship, which maybe is its chief attraction - there's much less chance of being hurt (or so you may think). If emotional or romantic disappointment DOES surface here, both of you are actually more likely to be deeply hurt, but you HP will be affected on a deeper level, because of misunderstanding this relationship's purpose and status. Small problems can arise also when you HP feel rushed or pushed by your energetic friend. She however would probably be the one to end a romantic relationship with you because she would not find it dynamic enough for her. Yet you too may also draw back from the relationship out of fear of deeper involvement with your very different friend, perhaps sensing that the love here should be of the 'good friend' kind.

  • Makes sense. I agree with a lot of it sometimes we just need confirmation. Thank you for doing this.

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