Im scorpio and keep attracting cancer men?

  • Hi All,

    I'm new iv been reading the posts on this forum for one week and found myself smiling and nodding in agreement to the confusion, frustration and the pull of those dammned cancer men.

    Oh yeah just started emailing one 5 weeks ago, i played it cool, kept it light and jokey cos iv just come out of an explosive 6 month relationship with a scorpio guy, im scorpio through and through and boy did we have intense time but it ended very very badly and he nearly turned abusive and controlling, so im well rid, but sooo not over him.

    Anyway back to said cancer guy, first i must say this........'those eyes' omg 'that smile' omg but im soooo not gonna fall for him, but its difficult, damn!!!!!

    i spoke to him for the first time last night, im on a dating site but i dont go on dates???? i just end up makin friends with guys, weirdly...... get this EVERY guy i feel like i def get on with or makes me laugh or i feel good talkin too is a CANCER MAN, what is goin on? theres at least 4 interested in me? anyway this cancer guy iv been emailin i talked to him last nite, he so did not sound like i imagined he would, yet i was laughing and felt good talkin with him, apparently he really wants to meet me, im curious cos hes different or seems to be, i told him STRICTLY mates cos im gettin over someone, but then keeps tellin me how hot i am, course i just ignore it, but secretly love that, oh dear...........i sense trouble ahead, lol

  • Listen if you sense trouble ahead there is a good chance there is trouble ahead. Be careful and take your time in deciding who you want to commit to.

  • I'm a Scorpio with a Cancer male. We've known each other for 5 months and been a couple for 2, I work for him now, along with my other job. I dated other guys in the first 3 months, they were all flakes. My L didn't want a serious relationship, that's why we dated other people. But when I needed him, he was right there. Don't wear the Rose colored glasses that you have on, for too long, over this guy,his eyes and charm will only last for a little while then the real human comes out. Cancers run hot then cold, very quickly and its NOT your fault so don't take the silence personal. They are emotional creatures.

    Whenever I used to get into a relationship, I used to always feel that there's going to be trouble.(Scorpio!) I'm not a very trusting person and the more I'm attracted to the person, the more I would keep thinking he's going to be ripped out of my life, just when my heart is bursting with joy with him. I used to do self fulfilling prophesy and sabotoge my relationships. Years later, when talking to the ex, I would realize if I had just been cool about things and had my Scorpio paranoia under control, things probably would have worked out. I've NEVER made a relationship with a male Scorpio, work for more then a few hours at a time, all that jealousy over nothing!! At this point in my life, I've gotten my "Goddess of Doom" under control for the most part. I'm evolving into the Eagle now! People come into our lives at a time, for a reason and they bring with them, something we must learn FROM them. A lot of the time, it's not readily apparent. Some times they are only there for a moment , a day, years and some for a life time. We are supposed to enjoy them. At the sametime, we are giving to their "growing" too. I look back and can tell where some peoples influences, changed my life path. My ex husband had diabetes and he was abusive but, if it hadn't been for all the visits to the hospital with him, I probably wouldn't have gone into the medical field. If it doesn't workout with one guy, snap your fingers and move on to the next 3! You know you always whittle it down to 1 guy each time before you decide to do anything.

    One of the reasons we get along with Cancers is, they are moody like Scorpios. In fact, Scorps and Cancers are emotionally similar, we are water signs so our emotions, loyalty, hurts, run deep, we understand each other, in the bedroom, Cancers can usually handle our,"need for endurance", they aren't usually as sensual but, they are fast learners and encourage our 'ways" and wants.

    Scorps are the ones that will tell you to back off and if you hurt ANYONE I Love, I will sting you to DEATH! Cancers will ignore the person and go into their shells. Don't get it wrong though, they will charge and protect if they think their loved one or territory is threatened. They don't voice jealousy like a Scorpio but, they will claim you when you least expect it!! Cancers will get scared of their feelings for you and distance themselves sometimes. mine showed a great deal of affection for 2 days then plunged into his work and his business. Sometimes that's when they don't answer texts for days or call back. I found out mine will read the text and answer it out loud but, NOT text back, he was standing near my home desk and reading his texts and emails on his Blackberry and answering"NOO" out loud!! lol When they do re-connect, it's like there was no time lapse. I'm used to that because I'm like that with all my friends. DON"T let ANY man get into the habit of making a date and not calling you if he can't make it. Let him know before the first date that if he does that, NEVER call again.

    Keep a life, keep busy and keep your sense of humor about things! They don't like to be criticized . They like to be needed but, they don't want you to be needy!! Mine will go out of his way to do something that I've asked for so, I'm careful for what I ask for. They will come lookin for you if they haven't heard from you in awhile. They do like compliments too. Mine is successful and soo serious and responsible and it shows on his face ( we are 4months apart but, most people think we are 10 years, he's 46 and I look about 32) I tell him that he's se-xy in his intelligent, quiet way. He's athletic, tall and handsome and very se-xy to me, so it's easy for me to give compliments! plus, they are FREE!! Guys get insecure about their looks too. I'm the clown and procrastinator and he helps me to actually get focused and I help him to see the humor in things...jury out on who has a stronger influence on who!!

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