Need insight into my career path?

  • Hi everyone,

    i have had tumultoes 7 years in my career, now i have been made redundant, i have a managment degree, i am a hardworker, so my qualifications are not bad, but so far my career has taken a turn for the worse. I attempted to do a one card reading to get some insight into my career path and the card that i drew was Queen of swords, i drew also a clarification card which was The Fool. How would you more tarot knowledgable folk interpret this, my DOB - 6/28/1979.

    I'd appreciate any feedback!

  • I don't read the Tarot but I just got an impression from reading your post that you may have difficulties dealing with people in some way. Yes, you are a good hard worker but you might need to look at ways to improve your interpersonal, social, and communicative skills. Have you ever got feedback from anyone about how you relate to others?

  • Also I feel you may get rather bored with dull routine or drudgery so you need a challenging job that excites you and makes you happy to go to work.

  • Hey Captain, thank u so much for responding to me, i would have replied quicker, but was having problems with signing in idk, but u are spot on with the communication part, the irony is i was a communications major, everybody always told me that my people kills were top notch, i am outgoing, even conflicts i could handle, but people generally like me, so i am not a conflictive personality, i have never had problems with communications, but setting boundaries, especially with higher-ups or invasive coworkers YES, unfortunately i got stuck in a work envoronment, where gossip and manipulation prevailed in communication, and well i did not know how to adapt or make my style fit into my 2 coworkers "communication" style (a.k.a. i don't really gossip and i do not have hidden agendas), consequently, them being there longer and having better connections, got me eventually pushed out. There were a couple of people there that we totally clicked, that were you know normal :), and that i cooperated with excellent, but the department i was assigned to, was dog eat dog, kudos to u for picking up on that! I am having bouts of anxiety about my career future now and securing another job though, so that is my primary focus now, and which field i will venture in????...its really scary!

  • ...and yes part of me not fitting in with these 2 coworkers was that i was not prepared to serve them like a slave no more, my education level was far above theirs, i was young, like i said clicked well with some other people there, i was also networking and trying to secure a position (like u mentioned a more interesting and challenging one) elsewhere in the department, they found out and were sabotaging me from then on...

  • I feel that you are quite a good organizer, skilled at creating order out of chaos, so management should suit you well as long as you cna work out how to find solutions that satisfy everyone. You can accomplish a task in about one fifth of the time it might take someone else and you have compassion, creativity, considerable sensitivity and deep emotional feeling, and a strong healing and empathic ability. You generally get along well with co-workers and employers/employees. You just have to learn when to make a stand and when to make peace with other people when it is in both your best interests.

    I feel you may have a hard time accepting yourself, others, and the world as they are. You may have an idealistic dream of a perfect life that cannot be achieved on this earth. Thus you may idealize people, relationships and situations, only to end up disappointed when they don't turn out as ideally as you imagined. You must learn to balance your innate idealism with a healthy dose of reality. Don't have such high standards that no one can meet them. Take care too not to overindulge in fantasy, especially of the romantic kind. You also can get a bit lost worrying over petty details - things you said, should have said, or shouldn't have said or done. Regrets and guilt can hold you back until you expand your vision to include the bigger picture, to see the overriding perfection of our imperfect life on earth. Ensure you remember to see the good side of life and don't focus on what is wrong or bad about it too much. Self-doubt, a negative outlook, and a tendency to be too thin-skinned are some issues that have to be dealt with if you want to get on better with others and achieve a managerial position. Fears of loss and abandonment may also hold you back. Impatience may be a problem - you can see your own and everyone's potential and want to rush ahead to the end goal, when instead you are here to master the step-by-step approach and process. Learn to enjoy the journey too.

    Your strength and precision would make you a fine architect or bodyworker. You are meant for a service-oriented profession and would make a good business adviser due to your analytical ability and support energy. You may even end up in some form of planning or politics to help improve the world. You would make a natural athlete, where strength and form are important. You aren't limited to such areas however and would fit into nearly any occupation if it suits your values and sense of meaning. The key for you is to cut through the 'shoulds' and ideals and rediscover what you truly feel and would enjoy doing. Find your passion and follow it. If you cannot achieve your dream profession straight away, take on a day job to pay the bills as you go through the necessary step-by-step preparation and process to reach your goals. You need a foundation and security to enable you to move onto something that suits you better.

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