Loap, a reading request please !

  • Hello dear LoaP, i saw you have the kindness to provide Tarot readings for people, i have often thought to ask for one but i didn't decide it....i have seen you responding to other people requests, i really like your compassionate, non-judgemental, not the classic i-know-it-all attitude, i really like your simple, decent, human approach....so could i ask for a reading please ?

    I'm in a long-distance relationship for some time now, with a person which i feel is my true Twin Flame, i'm not talking about a simple Soulmate relationship here, we feel the same things at the exact same time, i just know when he sends a mail, i feel tingles in my heart, i'm happy when he is or sad when he has a rough time, i often wake up in the middle of the night feeling him...the connection, support, compatibility is just....unbelievable....i mean, truly, everything i ever wanted in a partner and SO much more...it's just difficult to believe such people really exist...kind, caring, non-judgemental, always there when i need him, accept me for what i truly am, no judgement, no stupid advice, no you should do this and that, or you should be like this and that, just...love...

    The problem is he's distant lately. It's hard, almost impossible for us to be together right now as certain circumstances in both our lives don't permit it, but after some years yes it could be possible if we both strived for it. I'm sure about myself and my feelings for him, i could wait for years....but lately i'm not so sure if he really is comitted in this as i am....i suspect he doesn't have the patience/endurance or strength needed in such cases....to wait as long as it's necessary for the love of your life...i have read other TF stories, nearly all went through much hardship to finally be together...but in the end it was worth it, i'm not sure though he is determined to make the sacrifices needed...

    I rambled enough, thank you for your time dear LoaP, i'd really appreciate any insight the Tarot could provide me on this, thank you again !

  • Hi Chrysallis ,

    , Sorry im not doing readings for a while as my energy is low . Maybe you could ask The Captain for help as she is psychic intuitive she is very good at what she does .

    Thankyou for your kinds words .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • It's ok Loap, i understand, we all go through such times, where taking a break is absolutely necessary...so we come back stronger ! Thanks anyway, hope you feel better soon !

    Love and Light

    Chrysallis 🙂

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