Captain can you help me please with this dream.

  • I had a dream that I was back in New York. And my neice and them were there. And then I was at a really fancy hotel. So I get into the hotel and there are some people there I guess I know them but looking at them I really don't know them. But they are getting me a room and we are all staying in the room. Then I find out that this room is really not a room we should be in. And I am there because a friend of my is coming to New York and I want to surprise him. So I see my friend come into the hotel. So I wait a while and then I text him can I come to his room he does not answer. So I follow this girl because she is going to see her friend and while we are like on some back staircase there is a bunch of men coming up the stairs and there is my friend with these guys and to my surprise they are like in jail. Crazy because I am like why would my friend be with these guys. So I beg the guard to please let me go and speak to him and he lets me go and then I wake up. Some help please. Illona

    Oh there is one thing that was missing. When the guys was coming up the stairs that is when I seen my friend and he was surprise that I was there and I was surprise that he was there with these guys. And then I asked the guard please to let me go and speak to him.


  • Ilona, this dream represents an uncomfortable situation you are in regarding the people you see as friends. Something about their lifestyle or how you behave when you are with them feels wrong or even dangerous to you. You don't want to be with them at such times. Maybe they feel unnatural or are pretending to be other than who they are? Maybe you are striving to lead a more natural, open or honest lifestyle and your friends are holding you back. This dream (a warning from your subconscious) is asking you to reflect on your relationships and to decide which ones fit or suit you and which ones don't. You need to find and walk your own path, one that suits you best and makes you happy, and not walk with others on their paths just because you want to fit in or not be lonely.

  • Thanks Captain

    I know that this dream meant something. There are some people in my life that I kind of know that they are not right for me. And I think this dream just gave me the answers to what I had been thinking so I do know what I need to do. This is just telling what I had been thinking for a while about some people put I just was not sure. But I know now. And that is so true about me

    going my way. I was just saying a couple of weeks that there are a lot of people I have to really just let them go. And like my moving I am going to move where I am happy and where I know it will be good for my boys. My friends are like you need to move back with regular people and I don't like all that mess. I like it quiet and I love the water and that is what I am going to do. Stop doing things for others and stop putting myself at the bottom. I should be at the top. Thanks so much Captain. Have a wonderful week Illona

  • You're very welcome! 🙂

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