• Dear Blmoon,

    I realize you are very busy and that sometimes we all ask too much of you and your gift, but if you have the time and energy I could use some help.

    I seem to have slipped back alittle and I am not sure why as on the surface things are going fine.

    I have alot of people at work, co workers and customers who seem to really like me and take the time to tell me so every day.

    When I walk in our out of the store I am followed by a everyone saying hello or goodbye to me and it is kinda funny.

    I am trying to keep myself busy and have been working on my garden and my home when I have the time, but when my mind is quiet all these things jump in and make me sad.

    I need a new fence, my house needs paint inside and out, my carpets are old, my car is older and for the first time in my life I worry about money every day.

    Add that to my broken heart and I struggle so much.

    Ron came out on Tys birthday and took him to breakfast, and gave him a little money for a gift. he also gave

    Trev some as he ignored his birthday in December.

    I asked the boys how he was and they said it wasn't my business anymore and they didn't want to tell me. That hurt.

    Ron hasn' t replied tp my lawyer since the call last month so nothing has moved forward with that either.

    I feel like I am lost in limbo and can't do anything about it.

    Can you tell me anything I can do to fix all this.

    I know you said the end was coming and that he would have health problems, but nothing has happened.

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