Feeling restless

  • I need help!... Not sure what to do about relationship, work, house, daughter etc... feel like I'm just stumbling day to day without living life to the fullest... and I'm starting to worry that life is passing me by!... Is there anyone out there feeling the same way?! Ironically, I help other people (through my job) to get organised, get focused and to find fulfillment... but can't seem to do it for myself.

    I have a great relationship with a lovely man - but am worried that we're in different places. He seems to want to rush things and I'm backing off. I still have very strong feelings for an ex - who claims to have the same for me... but I'm confused about all that!

    Work is slow due to the economic climate (I'm self employed) and I'm thinking about a change of direction... In fact I'm thinking about emigrating in the next couple of years!

    Got a teenage daughter (help!) and although she's fab (by most standards) I struggle with adapting to how quickly she's growing up.... where's the manual?!!

    does anyone else feel restless and confused??

  • This post is deleted!

  • I keep hearing this from most everyone that I have talked with. People are in this phase of re-organizing and re-thinking things. Checkout this site -- whatsuponplanetearth. com OR google Karen Bishop for her energy post called WINGS. She writes about what is happening regarding the energy and I find it to be accurate. With all the lunar and solar eclipses and things were shaken up and then now we are left to pick up the pieces its a confussing time for most. I am the same way,I help people get organized and I do Feng Shui but it came to me, nada. So, I am in the phase of finding ways to nourish myself. Take time today to clear your closet OR take a class on a subject that you always wanted to learn about. During times like this I just stay home, clean and do something for myself. You can do this for yourself, it's like falling in love with yourself again.

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