For Daliolite question about career

  • Good Morning Dalolite

    I was wondering if you could help me with my career question. I am going to school for my masters. I am taking Forensic Psychology. I have eight more classes then I will be finished.

    I had worked for the state of california before I was working for the board of equalization but I could not work there anymore they were driving me crazy then I left the job. Then two months later I had a heart attack. So I have not been back to work in about 3 years and I want to go back to the State of California to work. There are a couple of jobs I have been looking at. I was wondering do you see me having a problem going back to the state the way I left my other job.

    Thanks Illona. My dob is 07/12/1961

  • That is really great. I'll do a reading for you. Be up in a day or so.

  • I'm getting to let go of outdated attitude, situation, friendship. What's your ideal situation. Are you working towards your ideal situation. Don't put blame on others. Look more towards what you want. I drew the Star over your reading. Big plans for future, better future. Listen to what's practical. Things drew you to do this but you didn't notice that it was imminent. In the present there's a bad connection w/something. Could be dysfunctional relationship/need for change. Change will benefit you. There's a need to make a decision. This will carry over into the future shape of things. You have good pairings with the King of Coins in situaion and Page of Coins in friends. Help financially. Better economic outlook. There's a need to incorporate fun into your life, not to take things quite so seriously. I don't know if this message pertains to a job or in general. What concerns me most is your present thinking or situation. Something right now that you're not facing or changing. You're being told to change your thinking or something you must change first in order to move forward. I believe it's saying a new approach as you move forward. The effect of the devil is somewhat softened by the Star above. Also, was there a marriage or possible marriage that you're struggling with. Friends figure strongly in past and in future. Somehow I believe a relationship figures into your situation here.




    below--8 of cups

    challenges--4 of rods

    future--2 swords

    blocks--5 of rods

    friends--page of coins


    outcome--hangman reversepast--3 of cups

  • To Daliolite

    Thank You so much. Yes you are right about the way I left my job. I did kind of say that it was them but I just could not handle it. But right after I had a heartattack. So I guess it was just meant for me to leave the job. But I know it was me and nobody else. So I have faced that. Now i am not sure what it is that I am not facing. But I am changing alot. I have always been the one that will do for anybody no matter who they are. But I am learning to say no. And I am learning how to let go of some of my friends. Because I am really passionate about my schooling and I feel this is where I should be and I will be able to do something to help my community and others. I have never been married or asked to be marry so I am not sure what that is. And about the fun thing I was just talking about that. I need to start going back out and just when I could have gone to see some of my friends from New York I can't because I go back and they are going to do something else that they feel they need to do. I am having surgery again on the 22 of this month. And I know my health is first so I get that together and then I will be good and ready to start having some fun. Thanks so much Illona

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