Need help with a reading

  • Hi,

    Can anyone do a reading for me? My questions are about my relationships and my work:

    What is the future of my marriage?

    While i have been seperated, i have been seeing someone, what will happen to this relationship?

    What are the obstacles i should worry about in my work and by when can i see an improvement?

    Would appreciate if someone can do a reading for me!


  • Hi Myna,

    First you are being guided to pray, to ask for the best way to honor Spirit. Spend some time in silence, and remember to ask for blessings for those close to your heart. Call to Spirit and ask for help.

    You are also being guided to know fully, without doubt, that you can overcome any limitation by adopting a resolute mindset. Listen to your dreams, awaken your creativity, and use your inner power now as a time approaches that will require you to be more independant. Leave drama behind and acknowledge the areas of your life that are holding back your growth.

    When the time is right, you will be offered three windows of opportunity to rebirth, grow, and heal on all levels. Each window will last about one week. It is best to get things moving, as the process of a figurative "death" will initiate change on a large scale in your life, but will be followed by a period of great clarity.

    If you should miss one of your windows of opportunity, don't worry, you'll have another window opening soon. But take care not to miss this second one.

    Use your willpower to make the changes you know must be made.

    There is great freedom ahead.



  • dear myna,

    I feel you are going from one relationship to other and not realising what you really want and depending on a relationship to answer your questions. Do you always need a relationship to make you feel whole?

    I feel you jump from one to other and always looking for them to fulfill your life is this wise? What about your growing spirit as I know you are questioning what is at the momment.

    You feel lost and not sure where to go and in the mean time fall into another persoons arms. You need to spend time by yourself to see what you really want without depending on other peoples opinions.

    You appear lost to me and not sure where to go. The way you are going is not the right choice and you need to spend sometime feeling who you are.

    Are you lost for some reason. I feel you have lost your way and need to gain your self confidence and be yourself if you have ever gained this. I am not trying to be harsh but some people take longer to find themselves ha others and allow others to guide us even though they maybe inthe wrong direction.

    Your question on this site made me realise that you want answers now. So look within to find your beauty and your love and you will find yourself and you maybe surprised at what a strong perosn you really are.

    Be strong and find yourself and than make a very sensible decision. Love and light A.

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