Need help please!

  • I broke off a dating situation with a man who has been in and out of my life for the last three years. We had started dating again about four months ago but he kept blowing hot/cold. I desperatly need closure. Can someone please shed light on this??

  • Can you give both his and your birthdates so that I can tune into your vibes?

  • mine is 2/24/85 his 9/15/84. Thank you 🙂

  • The two of you are as different as day and night and this is what keeps breaking you apart. Your energy Jasminrose is as diffuse and dreamy as it comes, while your ex is very practical and grounded. But what brings you back together again is your shared desire for wanting to merge with someone else's energy and feel mutual empowerment. You both are looking for total, permanent commitment with a partner whom you can count on to take care of all your material needs as you take care of their emotional needs - or vice versa. To do this, you must each find someone with similar energy and values - and this is where the relationship breaks down. You just don't see things the same way. Your mutual weakness is your need to seek your self-worth through other people instead of just approving of yourself.

    A love affair here is seldom as successful as a friendship. As lovers, you two arouse each other's impatience and irritation in proportion to your desire, creating what is often an unbearable situation. You do much better as friends, particularly if you have few responsibilities or worries on your hands and have lots of time to hang out together. A romance here just puts too much stress and pressure on you both to be successful.

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  • Sounds about right! Thanks for your insight 🙂

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