Could somebody do a reading for me?

  • ...or explain this reading for me? Or both? :))

    Gosh, I'm needy.

    I met someone very interesting and I feel very drawn towards him. We have a mutual friend who said that I made an impression, so I'm wondering if that is true. This is not necessarily a romantic thing, so if you could just simply interpret it as how things are between two people, that would be enough.

    how you see yourself. Page of Swords

    how you see your partner. The Tower

    how you feel about your partner. Two of Pentacles

    what stands between you and your partner. The Star

    how your partner sees you. Five of Pentacles

    what your partner feels about you. Knight of Wands

    present status or challenge of the relationship. Knight of Cups

    I also asked about the impression I made and got 3 of cups.

    Rider Waite deck.

    Thank you very much! 🙂

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