How do I get my Cancer woman back??

  • I had been dating this cancer woman for a year and about 2 months and we both acknowledged that we loved each other very much.. And then I was at her house when her parents weren't there and long story short we got caught.. her parents loved me and my family but are very strict and since i was there without them knowing they forbade us to talk to each other... of course we found way to talk and continue our relationship but after we lost the support from the family it made it tough on both of us since I was going to college and she had her senior year of high school to do... So bout two weeks after I began my 2nd year in college her parent find out we have been talking they threatened her with alot of punishments and she broke down and said she wanted to take a break.. so we did for about two months of us still talking but not being official and trying to move on... So after about 2 months the love that was there surfaced and she said she wanted to make it official again because of how happy i made we started dating again through christmas when i was home for break and things were tough because we had to lie to her parents about seeing each other.. So when we didnt get to see each other it would stress both of us but her alot because she felt i shouldnt have to put up with this situation being older and in college.. She then before i left to go back said that she thought we should try and move on again and that she didnt think it was fair to either of us... So we took another break but this time around she is getting more distant and we stop saying I love you to each other and saying baby and babe.. I think she is honestly trying to move on the best she can but I still love her and dont know if i should back off or try to get her back the way i did before...

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