Is there a difference between Twin Flames and Soulmates?

  • Hello. I was wondering if there is a big difference between Twin Flames and Soulmates? To me they both seem the same.

  • Hi MNM1. Here's a verry basic definition, and which depends on your particular generation! Here goes...

    At the time of incarnation you are part of a soul cluster, which includes all the souls you will work with in any particular lifetime. These are soul mates. You learn to recognize them as you go along. You may choose to marry some of them, you may give birth to some, you may have been killed by one. Your twin flame, however, is the other half of you; specifically, the soul you are was cleaved in two, creating two perfectly whole beings. Purportedly, once you have located your twin flame and are with them throughout any particular lifetime, you will complete the soul purpose you have in common, and earn your right to not incarnate again.

    Hope SoulMates 101 wasn't too simplistic!



  • WOW i'm on my last life time!!!! Great! lol

  • Hi there! I am married to my tf, like they say, it's a bed of roses, thorns and all! Wouldn't trade him for all the tea in china! Anyway, from what I have read, a soul-mate can be anyone from your soul group. I consider my family of origin and children to be soul mates in this lifetime. As for twinflame, think yin/yang. Evidently, you, and the other, were created together, an androgynous, m/f being, and at some point, underwent a painful separation, in order to come to this plane, of 3D, and to know duality. Coming back together w your soultwin, you seem to unlearn everything you thought you knew, and together learn about true, unconditional love, or unity. It can be a real challenge, as they tend to be a mirror, and show you your faulty belief systems. Everything seems to come up for healing, no stone left unturned! Good luck! When you meet, you will be asked to say yes to love, over and over!

  • I hadn't realized that difference either, great explanation, which leads me to wonder what if yout twinflame, or soulmates don't want too be on the lesson plan? How does that affect the other?

  • OMG! You asked a very important question. My husband got a powerful voice the first time he laid eyes on me,"this is your wife". He asked me out for coffee, over the course of a year, 11 times. I was very focused on raising my children and working. I knew there was something about him I recognized, and thought he was very interesting, but not enough to let him into my life. He was feeling devastated, as he recognized me. On the 11th time he asked (my birthday!) I said yes, although I had never intended to! Anyway, we got together, married after a time, and when we got settled, he did what's called "running". He says now that the feelings were so intense, they scared him. He always loved me, and we lived together for most of that time, but he acted out--a lot. It was agony for me. This lovely male version of me, who could hurt me with simple body language, who had been so emotional vulnerable with me, was absolutely rejecting me! I'd have never put up with this bs from another soul. But I had a different set of no-rules for him. Something told me to hang in there. Like my soul wouldve let me do otherwise!?!? To sum it up, I did something new. I looked closely at my belief system re romantic relationships. I realized that I believed love was painful, men lied, ran away, and were dishonest. Something miraculous happened when I changed my faulty thinking. He came around! Within 2 days! He came to me, and got completely honest, he had a powerful cleansing, spiritual experience. That behavior stopped cold, hasn't returned. If your twin is your mirror, this makes sense! They show you, YOU! Thank you for letting me share, I wish all of you the best!

  • Now that is a beautiful love story! The most confusing of my soulmates, or the one that ran, I don't think they share the same philosphy on soulmates, so I don't know how that would work, but I've made my peace with it, I think they pop into my life whenever theres a lesson, then they go.

  • What I've noticed, is that it seems rare indeed for tfs to incarnate at the same time, and be in a position to get together. BUT, it is said, oftentimes one of the twins may not be quite ready for such a spiritual union! As it is SO intense! But this seems all part of the divine plan, you can actually spiritually connect with your twin, I'd start with meditation, or when you just feel peaceful. And send your twin all the love and light, and support you have within you. You might want to do this often. Without any expectations, bc you want to be sending all this unconditionally. Meantime, LIVE! And love yourself, doing this is also a huge favor to your beloved. This is a matter of time, I think, if you have incarnated here at the same time, and patience. If you are both here at the same time, I feel you are very courageous. It takes a lot of strength and patience, and love to make this kind of choice! Anyway, something miraculous is likely to occur, if this is your twin, they show up, when you least expect it. And when this happens, it is The Divine's doing. Try and stay away, fat chance! It seems twins go through hell and back, all the while feeling love for one another that is nirvana. This is a person you would literally lay your life down for, because, you come to see, they are YOU! Twins often have the same weaknesses, which means you pull eachother up. Not take turns, this can be very hard! But you wouldn't trade them for all the tea in China!!! There's so much more I could say, but I'll stop for now. I wish you all the love in the world, that's what it's all about!

  • This is all very intriguing...I will have to marinate in it for a bit...

  • Hey Ahliyah!

    If you don't mind my asking...where does your definition (or distinction between the two) come from? Is there an article somewhere that I can read?

    I read recently that the reincarnation "cycle" can end at any time, but the Higher Self usually chooses to come back in order to balance out karma. It was more along the lines of clearing the Akashic records and emptying ALL your houses (in your chart). This resonated with me. I have never heard it explained as you did, concerning the twin flame, although I do believe in twin flames. Also, in your opinion...can a soul mate and twin flame be the same, but in different lifetimes. For instance, can someone be a soul mate in one lifetime and your twin flame in another?


  • Can you have more than one twin flame?

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