My husband's health

  • Ok so I can see other people's energy fields and send them healing to help but I would be very grateful for an objective opi ion on my husband's health at the moment. I cannot read him. I am so worried about him because he is burning the candle at both ends and the doc has done tests snd thinks he could already have had a stroke. I would be very grateful for some objective psychic opinions.

    Many thanks


  • Bump and angel(( hugs)) for you

  • my thoughts and prayers are with you paddi

  • Thank you both for the moral support. His doc rang him this morning with an appointment for the cardiologist on Wed. Fingers and toes crossed it is nothing major.


  • Paddi, you know deep down that your husband's heart is not in his work or his current lifestyle. So I would expect his heart to be very burdened indeed.

  • Yes I pulled an ascendant masters card and it emphasised the need to give room to artistic expression. I just hope he gets the point on time (my husband).

  • If it is a stroke that he has had, Louise Hay says that the cause is "Giving up, resistance, rather die than change, rejection of life." Affirmation: Life is change and I adapt easily to the new. I acccept the past, present, and future."

  • On a rather more concrete note. If he is having an irregular heart beat then small blood clots can form and cause small strokes. The symptoms of irregular heart beat may not be felt but when one of the clots closes off a little blood vessel in the brain then that is one form of stroke. Where it happens gives the symptoms.

    There are lots of reasons for a stroke to be suspected and lots of reasons that the heart is suspect in causing it also; Once identified then they can be treated medically and then the change in focus and attitude becomes very important..

    Lots of love and healing light to both of you in this trying time. ABP

  • Sheelagh prayers are with you and yours!! A happy heart is good medicine, the love and support of a spouse can cure all!! All my prayers of healing and strength coming your way!

  • Thank you everyone, all your points are true Captain, resistance rather than change, sad really because he used to be innovative and the one in our partnership that took mad risks which were very calculated but he won't do that anymore I do that now.

    ABP thank you for your description, I did a bit of reading and found out also about those mini-strokes that can happen frequently but are no less important and need to be checked. He had one about 2 years ago here at home and I swear I was on the phone to emergency services so fast but it passed after about a minute or two and he could raise his arm again so they did not feel it was important. And the doc did his bloods and his cholestrol was too high but there was no further testing or rather my husband did not take the time to get more testsdone. The docs in Switzerland are a bit sharper than the ones here. He has his appointment in a couple of hours. I will let youall know how it goes.

    T7 long long time no chat, I hope you are well, LoaP and I often wonder where you disappeared to do suddenly . I have given him so much love and support but it can only work if the spouse is open to receive. I feel so very drained.

    Hugs Paddi

  • Seems his heart is okay but his muscles and shouldet blades are suffering from tension and bad posture and sitting over a computer, and physical burn out. He is on cortisone for the muscle thing and they did xrays and more blood tests and he has to go back on Friday. Oh joy!

  • Paddi- That's good news!!! I do know what you are saying about only being able to do so much. I also understand how it can effect you and your entire family. Depression and oppression are very real and unfortunately powerful things. And ultimately up to the one who suffers from it, to turn it around. I can remember the drain, strain and tension that it wreaks.

    Again, my prayers and thoughts are with you!


  • Hows hubby? I trust all is well?

    Cheers Pfree

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