Calling for Help from the Captain, also from all CANCERIAN men...

  • More side-stepping...unblocking me every where...sending my friends (not even common ones - ones that I introduced him to)...his friends begun contact again...sending messages all over FB talking about how he wants to escape for a few weekends from the city...not sleeping about...listing 'looking for a relationship' as his status on dating sites...

    I'm not moved frankly...decided that I deserve better and just that I want to be left be single, focus on my career and future and work on those...frankly, I know it sounds snooty, but I have yet to find the one who deserves sharing myself with...treating myself as a temple basically.

    The walls have been built around my heart and I've replaced all the love I once had with coldness. of course there's still a part of him in me, but it just doesnt feel the same anymore..

  • and now texted a best friend saying: 'one request, take care of him, will you?'

    Do Cancerians do this on purpose just to torture you? they sense you are getting over them and try to drag you back?!

  • voc ... cancerian just simply painfully needs for attention and yeah they simply do something stupid enuff to make you aware of him bc again that insecurity is acting up

    to cause damage into a relationship. Even the risk of sleeping ard to inorder to back the love ..

    That is totally absurd .. .now am quite mad of my CM and seriously i tot of ignoring him and he kinda worry that i might hide again and i have to promise him and reassure him again and again despite i am begin hurt and betrayed and what have to do is swallowing my pride the tears inside me.

    Cancerman indeed a torture to be in love with.

    Sigh~ they are self pitying and not even feel a sense of remorseful even causing hurt to love ones.

  • so he came back again...and i'm already having regrets, lol. i just wish i didnt reply to his email (very emotional, sweet, seems to be genuine, promising to prove himself and so forth, wants me in his life, family, home, etc.) i just cant help but feel that it's history repeating itself again...anyway. taking it easy, zero expectations and not going to give much this time. not even much thought or time. i hardly could muster writing more than 4 lines, lol!

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