Astra Angel can you please help me, stop arguing with my heart and mind?

  • Hi Astra Angel

    I have read alot of your readings and things about you on this forum. I hope you are starting to feel better. You are a wonderful person, trying to help people with their lives.

    I hope you can help me too. This is my situation: Im in love with this man dob 26/3/69 and im in a sort of relationship with this man dob 7/5/59. My dob is 10/9/68.

    My Question is which man is best for me? The first man is coming and going from my life. Ive accepted that he wont be mine because as he says, hes a sort of a loner. He has been hurt badly and he is afraid. im wondering what he wants from me? As soon as i say thats it to my self, Effie move on, thats where he remembers me and calls me and texts me. As for second man my logic saays he is good for me, even though he is 10 years older than me...

    So please if you have time can i have a reading please?

    Thank you Effie

  • Please...

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