Question on the end of relationship

  • To anyone that can answer: i recently ended a dating situation with a man that i have been off and on with for a few years now. this last go around for the past 4 months was probably the most personal, as he spent intimate time with my family. after a few months the push and pull, not being fully present, and me wondering why a commitment wasn't made i made the painful decision to walk away. At that point, the alternative of staying just felt like it would only increase the pain i've been feeling. When i told him how i felt, i am not sure how he took it... he is extremely hard to read and is not very good at showing emotions. he said that maybe we would meet up again but at the same time started to get a little temperamental with me. the question i am wondering is how did he really feel?

  • It is typical of a gemini not to be there a lot of times, reappearing occasionally, not committing and going forward, moving backward always in constant flux - this is the fickle gemini. They are cerebral and less emotional. Sometimes it seems they are their own enemy because it just seems to be terrible to be constantly weighing things, seeing all sides of things and not deciding. A romantic relationships with them has been described as a roller coaster ride--up and down and around with them. If he's a gemini and you can't take the coaster ride, you might have done yourself a favor bowing out of it.

  • Tellstar, sorry to intervene on this thread, but how are you doing?

  • Suramya,

    Thanks for your concern. I've been on a roller coaster ride myself with a gemini and a staff who is either by polar or severely confused or severely jealous. I'm her boss. She's a new comer. All these shall pass people say. I hope so. I'm tired.

    How are you?

  • hes not a gemini, but a virgo. im just not sure how he really felt about me good or bad. i feel like i just need to know that for closure,

  • Jasmin,

    My bor. is a virgo and a perfectionist. Until it is perfect on his mind he stays there. But, he's a hard worker, too. so, if there is anything he want to accomplish he'll be out there trying to get it solved, answered or done. Sometimes difficult to talk to him because his mind is just towards the goal. I prai se my sis-in-law for being very patient with him. Otherwise, it is quite possible that it would not work. Having said this, my bro. keeps his family happy and satisfied. My bro. married late in life but he got a really good wife. Astrology may not matter in real life. But based on what I've seen there's a lot of parallels in real life. I hope it helps.

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