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  • I was talking with a friend. Let me give some info. My friend and I was talking back and forth. And he said that if I lived closer we would have do the things that we talk about, so I said to him that is ok don't worry about that because after I have my surgery I will just see you because I will be that way any way. So he ask me what kind of surgery and I told him I was getting my tubes tired and then he said you are doing that much

    and I told him that I had to keep up with him. And then there was no response back from him. Did he get upset or did that make him change his mind about me. I was thinking about texting him I was not serious about keeping up with him. So did that make him like think twice

    Thanks BLD

  • Illona, this guy does not have serious intentions with you - he's just playing around. You have idealized him in your mind and placed him on some sort of pedestal where he does not belong. More importantly - he is a DISTRACTION that is keeping you from moving in the direction you are meant to at this time. I am getting a pretty strong message for you to pull your energies back in to yourself and to regroup. Focus your intention on the path in front of you...your schooling and working toward financial independence or just better financial conditions.

  • Thanks Watergirl18

    You are so right he is a very big distraction and I do know that he does not really care for me like

    I do him. Thanks and yes school is a very important thing for me now. Because I am doing so well in school. I am at a 4.0 in my masters and I want to keep it that way. And I will listen thanks it will just be somebody to talk to when I feel down and out.

    Thanks BLD

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