Is there a future? Should I stay or go?

  • Hi, I'm new to this and was looking for some advice. I've been dating sagittarius man for 9 months (I am also sagittarius) and we recently discussed becoming exclusive. He has a "list" for his ideal mate and I just don't fit the list so we just decided to keep going the way it is. But when I see him, I get butterflies and I just melt when I'm in his arms. He won't sleep with me because he says he doesn't want more emotions to come into play. We do have a fun time together and we are compatible on many levels. So, I wonder will he ever compromise his list? Will he open up to moving to the next level or am I just wasting time? He is at a point in his life where he wants marriage and kids, he's 35 and never been married (afraid of commitment I think...) and I am divorced with a daughter. Should I continue dating him or just let it go?

  • Here's my advice which comes from Love Tactics. Drop him cold for 3 months, no contact, no cards, calls nothing. Its difficult but as a Sag woman I know it works. This man is not yet aware that he most likely is already in love with you. It may scare him. The idea that he isn't sleeping with you according to "He's Just not Into you" means he isn't. You'll know if he continues to contact you. Sag men are notoriously noncommittal. My Scorpio girlfriend dated a Sag male for 7 years and finally got pregnant and they STILL aren't married.

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