How do i capture myself an Aquarius Male?

  • Ive been after him for months and now I'm finally getting a chance to capture him. What can you tell me about them?

    I'm an Aries female if you're wondering.

  • Hi LD. I've been married to a good Aquarius man, and my father was an Aquarius as well, also one of my ex boy friends. They all were quite different, but one thing they had in common - excentricity and talent. They were all fairly unusual men. I was very good friend to both my ex husband and ex boy friend, and that was part of their attraction to me - good understanding and intelectual stimulation.

  • He is extremely attractive to me and it is not that he is fiercely great looking but I want him so bad. It's not like we have had s e x or anything but there is something about him I am very drawn to. It's strange for me to feel this way about a guy since it rarely happens.

    Are there any other traits they carry that could be of great knowledge for me?? Aquarians are kinda quirky people but for some reason I really get along well with them. I really like this guy and I am withholding myself from making major moves on him. He knows I am interested in him but he does not know HOW interested I am in him yet.

  • Both Aquarius men I was involed with were very attracted to me because I was independent and therefore represented a challenge. I never flirted with any of them, rather treated them as good friends. In my experience Aquarius men are not into the usual "girly" type of behaviour, at least not for a serious relationship. They have to respect you for something, if you want them to be serious about you. You always have to mantain your independent thinking and interests. Being a good professional can help as well. Don't be posessive towards him - that's a great turn off. How does he usually act towards you ?

  • He calls me hon and I know he is interested sexually. We communicate everyday after he gets out of work. I'm not expecting anything of him and I've told him that flat out. Am I being too forward do you think?

  • Oh and he also calls me sexy.. we have a lot of "lustful" feelings toward each other.

    • s e x y... that is the word that was blanked out.

  • Don't have the energy of "capturing" him as that will send him running. Aquarians do not like to feel trapped and will chew their leg off to get themselves free. Make him chase you. They love the chase and the true test of his feelings for you will be whether he sticks around once you've allowed him to catch you. A quick wit, sense of humor, intelligent conversation is also a great turn-on for them.

  • Awesome information Watergirl18 and I appreciate the share!

    I think I can safely say that we just really want each other at this point. I just don't want to blow it and lose him.

  • Remain independent and even slightly aloof 🙂

  • So far everything is great between us though I tend to laugh at things that probably shouldn't be laughed at and he is going to have to get used to that. This he is newly discovering as I write to you.

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