Help with a dream

  • I had a dream that I was back in New York. And my neice and them were there. And then I was at a really fancy hotel. So I get into the hotel and there are some people there I guess I know them but looking at them I really don't know them. But they are getting me a room and we are all staying in the room. Then I find out that this room is really not a room we should be in. And I am there because a friend of my is coming to New York and I want to surprise him. So I see my friend come into the hotel. So I wait a while and then I text him can I come to his room he does not answer. So I follow this girl because she is going to see her friend and while we are like on some back staircase there is a bunch of men coming up the stairs and there is my friend with these guys and to my surprise they are like in jail. Crazy because I am like why would my friend be with these guys. So I beg the guard to please let me go and speak to him and he lets me go and then I wake up. Some help please. Illona

  • Oh there is one thing that was missing. When the guys was coming up the stairs that is when I seen my friend and he was surprise that I was there and I was surprise that he was there with these guys. And then I asked the guard please to let me go and speak to him.

    Thanks so much BLD

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