Help with my Nephew hanging Himself

  • AMAZING! BLD, SENDING MY PRAYERS FOR YOU AND THE FAMILY!. They should take comfort that he is now happy and at peace.

  • To Blmoon and Paddi

    I had not read your last post to me. And I just read them and wow so much you said is right. I just was looking on Barnes and Noble last night for books because I am having a very hard sleeping and before his death. I had been dreaming about being back in New York that is where I grow up at. And the week before his death I was dreaming about all my old friends back home. It was crazy to me but I did not think anything about it. Just though I was home sick. But my neice has been to see somebody but she does not want to take the medicine because she said the medicine was the same things that he was taking. So I have been texting and talking to her on facebook and on the phone at less twice a day. I just got one of my books for my next class and It has some very interesting thinks in it. And I think that will help me so that I can help her. The book is Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. I am going to start reading that today. I have a week off from school so I can really sit down and read and maybe there will be something in there I will find to read. I will go too the Jan Luther website and see what she tells people to do. But I will there is a part in the book schizopherina and other psychotrc disorders and the anxiety disorder I will read becasue when I got the book yesterday that was the first thing that i open too so I felt like that was something that I need to read. But again I think you so much for all of your help.

    You both have been so helpful Illona

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