Oh My God I need some help, please, someone help me

  • I have done the white light thing. It helps immensley, I even imagined the light purifying not only me internally, but my house, chasing out any dark shadows. I have not felt the presence since. So that's good. Oh, Captain. I don' t think my marriage is going to work. I am seriously losing it. I just can't handle this kind of stress anymore, we fight over the tiniest thing...................

    He's too controlling/ I'm too controlling... who knows what's really going on here any more- I am definately not attached to a realistic state anymore. I can't focus at work, I keep flashing back to memories that I used to enjoy life. Honestly, Captain- I am not going to survive if something isn't done SOON. He says I just need to choose to be happy. I can only ignore some things for so long - like, he refuses to allow our children to marry someone from my culture. If I agree, aren't I aknowledging that I'm also not as good as anyone from his culture? Aren't I agreeing that everything I grew up with is bulls-hit, and he has the "better way?" Isn't that racist?? against Myself?? Sure, I can "not take it that way," and look it at a different p.o.v., but isn't this the facts?? I can not discuss it, and pretend it isn't there, but someday, it will be worse than it is now. I feel psychotic. The other day, I just noted that he's more traditional than I thought him to be. That started a huge fight, he was so offended, and all I was doing was learning something about him. He freaked out, and left. Yesterday, he said he needed the fan on to sleep, it's too hot, and we need to save money on the AC. I am a very light sleeper, and the noise of the fan keeps me awake. He knows that. But, I didn't say anything, I just thought, "well, I am going to have to try it out." And I made a face that was according to that thought. Well, he says "Don't make that face." So I just tried to tell him that it didn't mean anything, and so on, and he's like, well I don't like when you make that face, and on and on about how it makes him feel bad. I was just like, well I can't guarantee that I don't make a face! I know it's crazy fight, right? Well, he got stressed that I was just kind of telling him to deal with it, it doesn't mean anything, and things just got worse and worse- I'm so negative, and he wants things to be normal. He got really tense and I had to move away from him, I just was feeling I can't make him happy and I can't just be myself, and all the answers i give him are wrong, but I don't want to cower to him, just be cause he's overly sensitive about a face. That made him more upset, and he started following me around the house, I can't tell him to leave me alone, he says No! I want things to be normal! It just all goes to h-ell. And then he just tells me to choose to be happy.

    : ( Sorry, Miss Captain, I'm just venting. I know that I'm the only one that can fix my problems. But really- I don't know who I married! I don't know if we share the same values! If I want my boys to learn to cook, is he going to fight with me if they are in the kitchen? And if we live in India, are my girls going to have the same opportunities to participate in sports and other activities that aren't considered domestic? And are my girls going to find guys that will treat them as equals 100% or will they be told that they need to work 200% compared to their husbands, cuz that's what women "do"? And even if he doesn't fight with me, I'm sure his mother will. They'll just see it as 1000's of years of culture going down the drain. And then he tells me that his birth chart says he'll die at 35, and he's sure that it's because of me, and the stress we have. I feel locked in and pinned down.

    Sorry, Cap. I just don't have anyone to talk to, so I guess I gotta put it all here.

  • Can you get away on your own for a while so that you can think and see more clearly what to do? Because you cannot be objective while you are there with your husband. You need a break - can you go home to your family?

  • =...( family? No.

    I have been wanting a break for so long, but I'm afraid to tell him that, I don't want him to be hurt or blame me for his marriage time being wasted, or feel guilty myself. He thinks that I've always done things to "get out" of the marriage. It's true, I have felt trapped, but I've always tried my hardest to accept things as long as there is improvements. But, I am working up to asking him.

    Thanks for listening ❤ I hope I haven't burned a hole in your ear ❤

  • Can you visit with friends? Or even book into a hotel/motel in a quiet peaceful place?

  • Yes, I even have a friend that says I can stay any time. So that's good! I am going to give this weekend one more shot, and see how it turns out. I hope that I can do my part to make things better!!

  • Good luck!

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