Will love come around...soon??

  • Hi all,

    If anyone has the time to do a love reading for me Id very much appreciate it. Ive been single for many years now and I after chasing the wrong kinda guys for a long time I am wondering if love is coming my way? Ive had men who are attached tell me they have feelings for me and likewise Ive had feelings for men that are attached also. Im hoping that Mr Right is out there and is coming my way soon.



  • I don't see a "Mr Right" in the near future as right now your focus should be on you. A good place to start would be to come to an awareness of WHY you have always chased and attracted men who are not truly available. Part of this issue is for you to become secure in your own right - able to take care of yourself and being strong, practical and mature. This is a time for self healing - to go within and to finally break this pattern that has been holding you back. Release the past so you can embrace your future. I feel this is about this behavior pattern that is based in an early emotional wound, however there may still be a recent man you have not completely let go of either.



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