How is a "0" Challenge different from the other challenge numbers?

  • I've only recently started exploring numerology, so please forgive any ignorance.

    All four of my challenge numbers in a reading I just had generated (maybe there are more than four... but this free reading only showed the first four) came up as "0". Apparently it is very different from other challenge numbers, as it represents successful completion of the other challenges in past lives. It also explains that a "0" challenge is reward for completing all of the others in past lives and means that I have complete free will and have much influence over things around me and even the world.

    What confuses me about this is that I've always thought that we all have free will as humans. Could someone please explain this further to me, or explain "0" in more depth so that I understand? Thank you.

    If needed or desired for better accuracy or detail, here are some of my other numbers: Life Path number is "9," Life Destiny is "5," Soul Number is "4," Personality is "1," Balance "9," All three Cycles are "3," Karmic Lesson "6," Karmic Debt "10" "13" and "14," Lucky Number "9."

    Thank you so much!

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