New member, today is my birthday. Can anyone do a reading for me please?

  • Today is my 27th and it has been a confusing year can anyone shed any clarity on 2012?

  • I see a girl waking up--rubbing her eyes and saying "who are these people?"---she even looks in the mirror and says "who are you/!" I pick up someone that in the past had cut and dry ideas about THINGS----not that you were purposely judgemental but you really thought choices were much clearer than people made them. You believed in fairness--be good--do right and be rewarded. You had a long list of things you would never do. You have high expectations of yourself. You believed in love. You have pictures in your head what being ok looks like. You thought you could judge the good from the bad---but somewhere that had to change---people are much more complicated than you ever imagined. You wonder now--who can you really trust! Your ego has been bruised and you fear being a fool---we all do. For awhile you became reclusive but that was miserable and really NOT your nature. I pick up the biggest question is you asking you--can I trust myself? You are normal for your age---you do not want to be too trusting or nieve but also hate being HARDENED. You find yourself forcing an outer mask and you miss that freedom of openheartedness. Also, your environment changed--and it forced you to be somebody else--you hate it. You want to fit in be successful but end having periods of very sad dull times of feeling missing in action---like somethings missing. Then you feel guilty. It's a big circle. You want purpose but haven't a clue what that is. You went through a phase of trying to find IT through outside people and events but the intial excitement wears off and you pull back---and isolate. People ask what's the matter but you find yourself making excuses. You feel vulnerable and this is so different from that spunky girl who had all the answers. Life IS complicated. And at your age the more INTO life you have gone deeper into. Last year was a rough rollercoaster for many on a universal level. It was a year of bringing wounds into the light and healing---an urgancy to speed it up--all your issues in your face. BEcause this year is a great power year---if you can get past your issues from last year, this year offer much growth--abundance and by fall a sense of purpose will come with great clarity. Advice--know that you are perfectly imperfect and it is all good. Be braver than usual about gut feelings to do something bold and new. Avoid regretful thoughts. No regrets----self love and forgiveness--lear something and move forward. For you specially spirit says stay out of the past. And as well do not fixate on the future. Leave room for a plan bigger than you can dream---you often get ridged with goals as you hate not feeling some form of acomplishment. You need to feel worthy. Be worthy doing nothing when it's time. Remember life includes cycles. Nothing is constant---you must have winters and down times--like the moon as well perfectly wanes and swells and even disapears. You hate the lull but must respect downtime and tell yourself it passess. Do not let current emotions trap you when in downtime. Always see the wheel of life as up--then down--then up. Patience is your friend this year and you are not going crazy----follow your dreams this year. You are discovering yourself in a way that will empower you--once you know yourself the rest will all make sense. This year is about YOU so do not invest too much in others. This year is best to be productively selfish in a good way--nurture yourelf--and 2013 you will be in a position to share your purpose and wholeness with others. Avoid addictions to anything distracting this year. Look in the mirror and throw yourself a kiss often. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon, WOW. I feel like you've known me forever. Thank you so much for taking the time to give me such a detailed and Accurate!!! reading. The last year was very difficult, lost a parent, let go of a relationship that i didn't feel love for anymore, after that got into a brief relationship with someone i thought i truly loved from the past...after being patient for months and trying to be hopeful today i told him that i couldn't continue this without him giving me 100% i knew i deserved more. but on my birthday it has been a tough pill to swallow. right now i am feeling a little lost in the aftermath, but i am hopeful that things will change. This has helped tremendously, bless you!!! 🙂

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