Do virgo men and scorpio women do well together ??

  • I have been dating this virgo man for 3 years now on and off! I truely do love him, but why do we keep breaking up? Each time its on my end as well......

  • If you are the one that keeps breaking up, then you are the one to truly know why. What is the reason you are giving him/yourself for breaking up? If it's the same reason over and over, that's probably ACTUALLY the reason. If it's a good enough reason, then accept that it's not going to work and move on. Stop doing this to him and yourself.

    If it's something else each time, then you have to evaluate yourself, and decide if you're the one flip-flopping on your commitment. Love is nice to have, but sometimes we aren't willing to put in the work to have it. The first phase of love is easy. And when it comes to getting past eachother's ugly sides, the going gets rough. You have to decide whether he's worth accepting, both good and bad, and then stick to it. Lord knows he has to do the same for you, right?

    Everyone knows that the worst kind of friend/lover is the fair-weather kind, always leaving you high-and-dry, and even worse, lonely and heart broken. So check yourself- are you a fair-weather friend, ready to run at the first sign of trouble? Or are you going to love him forever? Three years is a long time- enough to know how much you love him. It's time to dive in, or walk away.

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