How do i know how this Leo Male really fealls? Love scorpio woman

  • We have been friends for a year now, and i met him through slightly dating his friend. He randomly volunteered to go to disneyland with my gf and I, but i said yes anyways. We went on the haunted mansion ride and i started gasping and awwwing at all the spooky and creepy things, since its what i love most, and he asked me if i would KISS him?! He told me that it hurts him to see me and this guy he knows date, because he has strong feelings for me. I have had a huge crush on him, always have and always will. Then he randomly gets a new girlfriend in 3 days !! All of a sudden im just his friend again. So i let it go, and brought it up once since then. He said he only sees me as his best friend and he loves me as a friend. But how can that be true? After he dumped that girl in 2 weeks He moved in with me and we became the best of friends. We cuddled together, said love you, and made each other food, he would buy me snacks without me asking, and etc. now he moved to oklahoma cuz him mom is a meanie >.< he still comments on my pictures online saying im beautiful, and how he misses me, and how talented i am. Is he afraid of his true feelings for me, or does he really not think of me as more than a friend ?

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