How do I make my tarot reading come true?

  • I had my first tarot reading a few weeks ago and it was life-changing for me because every card that I drew was spot on about my life: past, present, and then an insight into my future. I didn't have any specific questions at first because I just wanted to see what my reader would say about my cards in general. So after my first set in the reading, I decided to ask about my love life. I specifically asked if my "relationship" with a Scorpio male in my life would continue and if it was the right relationship for me?" I shuffled and drew my cards and right out of the gate I got a lovers card, a Scorpio male card, and a marriage card. My reader asked me if I had considered moving and I said that it crossed my mind because this scorpio man I like lives in a different state than I do. And then my reader told me that I will move for love. So my question is, I can really see myself with this man - and not just because of what the cards told me, but I want to know, how accurate are these tarot readings or was it just a coincidence that I drew all those cards? I should mention that this man and I aren't in an exclusive relationship, we are friends that talk everyday and have been intimate. I would willing do a long distance relationship if it got to that point.

  • Hello laq83, I'm not a professional tarot reader, but I've been doing tarot for about 7 years now, my mom is the one who got me started on tarot. Iv done alot of research on tarot and I like to do readings for myself and others. Personally I dont believe in charging people for readings cause I think it wrong. Anyway, when it comes to major life decisions, its best to take tarot like a grain of salt. I have had readings there were so dead on it was scary, then other times they didn't come true at all. So I can't say how accurate they are, but they are worthwhile and fun. Mostly I think tarot serves its purpose best as a way of telling you what you are doing wrong and "this is what will likely happen if you continue on a certain path" So I would recommend taking your readings into consideration when making decisions, when their advice makes some sense. But ultimately use your own instincts and decision making skills for major life situations. As things progress with this man you can always do more readings to see how things stand.

  • Than you vettech78 for your insight! I do find tarot very interesting and my reading was very emotional for me, but I feel it has opened my mind and heart in ways I can't explain. I know that I will have another reading done in the future, but I'm still waiting to see how my first reading pans out. 🙂

  • thats great, I would love to know what happens.

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