I'm a cancer girl crushing hard on a Leo man who has come back from past!

  • So I really could use some advice. I met my Leo guy 12 yrs ago and we had a nice Lil make out session then. Now 12 yrs later he asked about me through a mutual friend and we reconnected. Oh ya FYI he is coming out of a marriage of 10 yrs and I'm trying to end my abusive marriage Of 10 yrs asap. And not just because this man has come back into my life. We both have children too. So back to my dilemma, I really felt we had a connection we talked almost everyday for a month until one night I finally decided to go see him. It was nice we drove around and we had a nice physical connection too ( if you know what I mean). No we did not sleep together! So the planwas for him to see me a couple days later. And what does he do? He bails and tells me he felt weird and he isn't ready for anything more than a friendship! I was completely taken aback by this because I felt we had such a great connection and it wasn't just a sexual one. So it's been a couple weeks and I've hardly heard from him. I feel he didn't just come back in my life for nothing, there has to be a reason!!! I really miss him what can I do to get him to open up to me again?? He's a Leo and I know they have big egos so what can I do?? Please help

  • Oh, Leo moves. As someone who was burned by a Leo man I felt very passionately about, I am always wary of these things! Although, at the moment it sounds like both of you are in crazy situations, what with your lengthy marriages coming to an end. It's true Leos respond to flattery, but they are bold, true-to-their-heart types and if he is feeling any sort of hesitation he will back off and retreat to the hunt. However, he gave you a cue - he said he wanted a friend. If there is anything you can do to win a Leo, be a good, solid friend. Make sure you let him know you respect his decision to stay friends for the moment and just be there for when he comes around and realizes a warm-hearted Cancerian woman wants a piece of him! Allow your love to unfold and just be patient.

  • Once Leo's have made up their minds they can be pretty rigid. As for myself There is no way I

    could stay friends with someone I have a connection with who does not feel the same way. Oh, and if you should decide to try to have a friendship, you can forget any chance of love, Leo's are notorious for liking a chase and a challenge. They want someone who gives them a challenge. I hope this helps you.

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