Sag woman needing a bit of advice

  • I have been hurt many times in the last 6 years and now im at the point where i am fine with everybody but canot trust someone with my emotions. I am starting out dating a Virgo man, but because he being a virgo does not express emotions easily i feel like its going backwards

    My mum died when i was 15 so i do not know the time i was born so have no idea what rising and venus signs i have. All i know is im scared of teeling people how i feel and dont know why. I cant even tell my dad i love him, but any other subject in the world i can talk and share for others. all i know is that emotions are a major issue for me to say.

    So lately ive noticed the texts and cobvos are short, but in real life when i met this guy it wasent the same. So in true sag fashion, because even though he says he really ikes me, i dont beleive it wholly because to me actions speak louder then words. And tempted to walk away as its going to cause me emotional pain which is my number one fear in life. DOnt get me wrong im a risk taker but not in emotions. What can i do.. as if he cant open up and i definately cant until i feel safe, is it doomed from the beginning. Also between you and me i worry i got virgo in venus as i am extremely picky and will not settle. Hence beig single for so long. I dont want to mess up again..

    alli know is that im born on the 3rd december 1980 and nothing else. Tink im going crazy over here, or im just meant to be single forever lol.

  • I cant edit the post.. Really sorry about the spelling 😄 lol

  • well your venus, mercury and uranus are in scorpio.

    maybe your moon too, but without time of birth I can't tell

    your jupiter, saturn and pluto are in libra

    jupiter in libra, you are naturally attractive, attracting lovers

    pluto conjunct your lilith, you often are attracted to deceptive manipulative people & they to you

    you find them sexually attractive while they are using you and other women for sex or money

    you tend to get attached easily because scorpio tendency is to delve deep into things

    but with pluto in libra you would need to be more flexible and take it light-er

    go out and date, but do not get attached and share your possession and body until you know for sure. go for light intimacy and don't expect commitment from the other person. you don't want to commit too soon anyway, as you have been shown the sooner you commit, the faster they pull away.

    scorpio venus isn't discerning as virgo venus. when you love, you love deeply, when you hate you hate deeply. this is why they often pull away from commitment with you, not everyone can bear intensity. you become suspicious at small things they don't normally do, hearing things they don't say.

    saturn in libra is exalted. as usual with saturn, it takes a long time to realize your hopes and dreams in relationship. but when you do find him, the one that it worth your commitment, it will last (also) a long time. saturn is significant in relationship, as he is a sign of structure, what is solid.

    mercury conjunct uranus, trust your intuition. events in your life have taught you many lessons. accept them as experience. hurtful or blissful, they have 'trained' you in life. accept also the people that have hurt you, if they haven't hurt you, you will never have learned how to be discerning in relationship. just remember, intuition has nothing to do with suspicion. suspicion comes from fear, the emotional field is clouded. intuition is consciousness expanded, the emotional field is clear.

    if you ever get to find out your birth time, try post again and someone will be able to give you more accurate reading. hope the best!

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