Need a psychics help desperatley!!

  • im a libra, i split up with my boyfriend who is a 21 year old scorpio man at the end of november 2011. 2 weeks before he left me he had threatened to leave before but didnt actually go as he said he loves me an wants to sort things out. we were together for over 2 years and moved in together may last year. when he left me his parents told me that he had been unhappy the last month, but was with just with me? when he left he said he needed his space and that he didnt love me anymore just still had strong feelings for me, but he felt he settled down too quick.after 2 weeks of leaving me he messaged me to ask how i was but the day after deleted me on facebook an said he wasnt coping without me. later that week he also told his friend that he had made a big mistake and apparantly he was really upset but the day after told me he had made the right choice, havent heard from him since but a couple of times he has come to get his friend from my house and had to prove a point he was sitting outside in his car, do you think he will be back or not as i am finding it hard to be happy at all at the moment 😞

  • This is going to be tough but in this case you must think with your head as you are picking up exactly right on the mixed messages. Scorpios when they are done are done---anything inbetween is fear based. He is young. He is scared. He wants to BELIEVE he can control this. This really is not all about you. It's about that leap to responsability--to growing up--to being a man. No way can he verbalize this yet but just feels pressured and anxiouse--he doesn't even understand it himself. It's as if he has put this feeling onto you when really he will find out that this about HIM. The pressure is not because of you---he is getting that slowly---that's why he has not really cut the chord. The best way to speed this along is to make it easy for him--give him more room than he asked for---do not argue or fight--just give him empty space. He needs to remember from a distance why he loved you and wanted you close in the first place. ALSO, guys his age do not help---they are childish and revel in keeping each other free. I can tell you for sure you did nothing that caused this. Give him room---be busy and happy as you can force yourself to and let him have his space. Scorpios are very psychic about their mates attention so try hard to keep him out of your mind as it will speed up this time he needs to apreciate what he could be throwing away. Smile cool but keep a silent distance--and avoid discussing anything about him with mutual friends. I pick up that someone you trust is not always your best ali so keep to yourself. If you can live without him--or thinking of him for the next three weeks---he will come to his senses. You must purposely avoid him. Scorpios get claustrophobic more than most---it's not unusual and expect it to be like this at times---always be independant and you will get through these moods. Clinging or holding on will only keep him away longer. He has to really feel alone--to get it---why he needs you more than he hates the fear of vulnerability and it is worth it. BLESSINGS!

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