Ascension Symptoms

  • a message from Jim Self

    As we move through the Shift, changes are happening within our bodies. We are altering how we see the world around us, and increasing our body’s ability to hold Light. As we alter the electromagnetic frequencies in our physical and emotional bodies, many of us are beginning to think differently about ourselves. Depending on how we hold resistance in our body, and where we argue for our limitations, we will experience physical and emotional symptoms from time to time.

    These are known as “Ascension Symptoms.” Seeking the advice of a professional is always a wise thing to do when one is unsure or concerned or needs information. However, do not be surprised if, after a number of visits, your physician or health practitioner tells you, “I can’t find anything wrong.”

    You are becoming a being that holds higher, faster frequencies of consciousness. You are changing. You are reducing the density in your body. The best solution I have found to date is to relax, enjoy yourself, and know that this readjustment phase will be over soon. Let yourself drool.

    In the meantime, the following questions outline some typical symptoms that people have been reporting. I hope the answers will give you some peace of mind.

    Aches, Pains and General Physical Discomfort

    I seem to be experiencing a lot of physical discomfort lately in different areas of my body. I am getting aches and pains in places that I can't relate to any specific activity or exertion. Can you give me some idea of what might be going on?

    As I'm sure you know, all physical discomfort is related to being energetically off- balance. As we make changes to heal energetically, the places in our bodies that hold the old patterns may talk back to us. As the charged block is dislodged we may feel the effect, kind of like an old log getting jogged loose from the log-jam in the river. And, of course, putting your attention on anything will only amplify it.

    Here are some exercises that will help:

    1. Use the Grounding Cord. Attach it to the ache and ground or drain out the energy. You might find it helpful to imagine the ache as a color.

    2. Use the Rose Tool. Imagine the ache as a color. Collect up the energy/color with the Rose, then move the Rose away and explode it.- releasing all that ache.

    3. Spin your fields. If you have taken Level 1, you know how to do this. Use this method intentionally and in a focused way during your daily meditation.


    I never used to suffer from headaches, but this past year, I've been getting them as often as twice a month. The pain is excruciating. Is this something I should be concerned about, or does this have something to do with all the solar flares we have been getting?

    Usually headaches are caused by other people and other energies being in your head. When you are intentionally clearing your space, including the Center of Your Head - this energy sometimes resists being thrown out and it may bump around even more... kind of like that log jam. As they are getting knocked loose, the logs may bump around for a bit or get stuck in new ways until the water (energy) washes them away. Using the Rose Tool to clean out the Center of Your Head will help. Be sure to use this tool even if you don't have the headache. Practice when it doesn't count. Please be patient and use the tools daily. Those people and that energy may have been in your space for a very long time. It may take a few rounds of Rose work to release them and send them along their way. Back to their own heads.

    Electrical Bursts Of Energy

    I have been feeling strange bursts of heat in my feet. It almost feels like little hot spots that get activated by a sudden surge of electrical energy.

    Congratulations! It looks like this electrical energy you are experiencing may be great validation that energy is moving through your space at higher and brighter levels. Whatever spiritual and energy work you are doing is calling forth more light into your life. Now the trick is to get out of the way and allow it! It is as if you are now suddenly running 210 volts of electricity through wires designed to only allow 110.

    A suggestion: In order to allow the flow to move without discomfort, you might try opening up your feet chakras about 10% more. Just pretend and imagine them opening in any fun way that works for you. You can also put your attention on your leg channels and open those a bit more too.

    Despair and Depression

    Why do I often feel despair?

    Those feelings of despair may have many causes. Here are two possibilities:

    Firstly, the energy is not yours, but is coming from those around you. Many people who don't have tools are feeling the Shift and responding to it with despair. Many others, like you, who are sensitive, are picking up on it. It doesn't matter if this is the cause of your despair or not. Simply use the tools that you know work so well to clear that energy out. Pretend it is a color to make it easier and more neutral to work with.

    Secondly, it is possible that you are remembering Home, and as the noise and drama surrounding you gets louder and more intrusive, the contrast between what you notice around you and what you remember as Home is vast. That's enough to depress anyone, don't you think? Many of us are remembering and feeling this contrast. You are not alone. To help with the transition of the Shift, you might try finding the Home energy in your current life. Notice what is beautiful. Notice what is graceful and kind. What other words remind you of Home? Find evidence of community and integrity in the life surrounding you. It is there. Appreciate it and you might feel a little bit of Home here and now.

    I hope that helps.

  • Today when I was in class I suddenly got a terrible headache. It almost felt like my head was exploding! Lately I have also felt an extreme heat in my body. Without any warning my body gets very warm.

  • I had electricity go thru my body from my finger tips thru my hands, very painful but now I know what it's from. Have a good weekend.

  • At first, my symptoms were very noticeable... Electric shocks through my abdomen and chest, random aches, dizziness, relaxed abdominal area (like the muscles weren't kept in check), talking to my friends differently, feeling emotions differently, loving alone time and room to reflect/be.

    My electric shocks have lessened and my aches are barely there and that consciousness is as easy to turn on as a light switch now... I had to focus before but it's as easy as taking a long breath now. It's so... fulfilling. Not feeling the need to be anywhere but where I am. Over all, this ride is so smooth. Just incredibly different. Today has probably been one of my harder days - cloud over my head with no particular thought to bring it about. It'll be better as soon as I'm out of this office, though, I'm almost sure 🙂

    Thank you, poetic, for posting these wonderful things to read! I'm always looking forward to them on here.



  • Since the first day of that huge shift... I've felt this intense urge to just take off and live in a community that sustains itself naturally. Lot's of things I'd have to take care of prior to that, but it would be an amazing adventure. It would feel right.

  • You go girl! I'm happy for you! I wanna go preferably in the Islands. 🙂

  • Ooh, lovely! I saw this interesting place in Georgia ~ intrigued me! I'm still fine with where I'm at but it would be great knowing that I was giving to the earth what I would receive from it in a more direct way... we do that already, but I don't do that through nature where I am now. Farming here is not so easy because we only have a few months where vegetables, berries and flowers grow. Year round we have coniferous trees & berry-free bushes, though.

  • I always wanted to garden didn't realize how hard it is, the concept is beautiful mom and grandma were tender's of the Earth. One Day...

  • SO beautiful 🙂 It would definitely be hard work... But rewarding. And the community would work together to sustain it. My mom's mother was also garden-savvy :]

  • 🙂

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite colour and fragrance



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