AstraAngel, reading and ur help if u can :)

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  • Hey Astrangel,

    Was wondering if you could do a reading for me. Theres two guys I like and that I think like me which one should I take further. One guy D have been getting to know for a while and the other guy c has just burst into my life at work and wow its been a lot but dont know where to go from here. Your help would be much appreciated.

    Virginia 🙂

  • Hey xVirginiaX

    Thanks for the reading request! Yours is an intriguing situation and the reading was a lot of fun... and, I think I have something for you that will help!

    Okay, I started off with significator cards... you are the Page (Princess) of cups and

    "D" is the King of Swords, and "C" is the "Knight of Swords"

    So, I started drawing cards for each partner and see what story is told...

    D - Knight of Cups - he is chasing you for sure, I mean he really likes you. A lot.

    C - Two of Swords - he is very intrigued with you, and is fantasizing of some nice affectionate moments, intimate... this is a card of him holding you close. And feeling your heart.

    D - Knight of Pentacles - he is REALLY chasing you and not afraid to spend money either on you. He really likes you. A lot. Like, he would love to seal the deal with you.

    C - Six of Pentacles - C really wants to get you alone and share more... this guy is a communicator and has some intense interest in getting to know you in a very deep way. He is looking below the surface with you, he really wants to get to KNOW you on a spiritual level... and more....

    D - ACE of Cups - he is going to be proposing soon as long as you keep hanging with him. He wants to get something going with you, he is very serious about this. Are you in love with him? He is in love with you, or he thinks he is. Could be the same thing with him. He REALLY digs you and wants you to be his Valentine. Do YOU want to be his Valentine?

    C - Four of Swords - This card has a horizontal thrust to it, repose and quiet in the darker places of life, especially at night. This is a sign of Spirit love. Very deep and mysterious. All the cards we have been getting with C are the "mystery" cards and you have something intense with him and is of heaven.

    D - Two of Cups - wow. This is like marriage, family, home, the whole enchilada. All wrapped up with a pretty bow too! DO you like bows? D is like, so into you it is hurting him to be apart from you even for a moment. If he could he would have the two of cups tattooed on his chest with your name under it. He would rename cities after you, He would win the world for you, climb mountains for you. He wants you with a capitol RING.

    C - Queen of Pentacles - D has already proposed and C is still pondering you at this point. Contemplating you, swirling in your mists, his is poetic and dark love, not to be fathomed. He is of another realm, and he is dancing with you in some other-worldly way that has you a little intoxicated. He has his sights set in you, around you, through you and within you. He dreams of you and where he comes from, dreams can be anything you like. Anything. Anything at all. Mystery anything. And he will flow with you like moonlight, and you will go to sleep in his arms.

    I drew one final card as the advice card and drew the Queen of Wands which is Heaven's way of laying this Queen on top of the last card we saw with C.

    Virginia... D is the sure thing, and it will become a sure thing with a knot... C is the MYSTERY, the realm of heaven and a little darkness and you won't know until you look deep in his eyes and whisper to him... "tell me again... where did you come from"?

    D is love of earth. C is love from heaven. They are both nice. It depends on whether you are ready to leave this realm or not, because C is the door for you into the mists of Heaven.

    I hope that helps... please let me know if you need any clarification, or have other areas to open out. I have prayed for you to follow your heart and you will do just that I promise.



  • Thank you Astra Angel I cannot begin to tell you how nice it is to hear those things with D as I feel like I love hime which is quite crazy considering the situation, but I feel more confortable to take things further now. So thank you so much. With regards to C this seems to be very accurate as he is a mystery and I think he is enchanted with me but is not seeing me clearly! I feel if we got to know each other properly the magic would be gone. My decision is made and even if it doesnt last I dont care as I think it will be quite an experience to get closer to D, I just needed to be sure of his feelings for me.

    Thank you again lov and light Virginia 🙂 xx

  • He he after reading it again though the realms of heaven dont sound too bad. Hmmm interesting decision....... I shall see how the day passes 😉

  • yeah exactly... I would play all your cards... have fun ...

    Three of Pentacles... work... you are going to have some fun with these two... especially C in the workplace.... you can really have some fun with work + relationship situations...

    be sure to read your employee handbook. 🙂

  • Loool if only there was a relationship handbook specifically made for each person!! C bought me some flowers today!! first time anybody's got me flowers! :)) Hes playing it the right way so far....

  • c is the realm of heaven for sure DEEP conversation with him tonight. wow. thought i knew but now i don't . Astra angel im just updating I dont think I need another reading this is something I have to find outfor myself. It was so intense though he gets it, like I thought I would never find in a guy. SPINNING 😕 X

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