Who sticks around for it?

  • Cancer Aquarius relationship.

    Actual proof of lies and deception.

    When he looked in the eyes, I would of believed in Santa.

    I saw for myself what he was writing to other women.

    What he was telling other women about me. I was planning a life

    together, he was telling 1 woman that "he didn't give us more then 2 years"!

    So glad I didn't get into a Cell phone contract with him, like he wanted! (Funny thing! He did, with his ex girlfriend, ended up buying her a 400 phone)

    Another woman commented on a picture of a lighter he posted on his "famous" facebook page.

    Due to Cancer man not having a drivers licence, he enlisted the assistance of an elderly neighbor to drive him to the post office, IN A SNOW STORM!, Cancer man was desperate to mail the "said" lighter to his new Facebook doll! That was Christmas 2009. My "So Called" man sends a lighter to a woman. Sadly, Cancer man couldn't send me anything more then a card?

    I've got a laundry list of Red Flags!!!

    Am I the stupid 1?

  • Why do you stay?

  • Technically it's over, however my heart is still with him.

    There's no question the issue is within myself. I know he's lied, been out with other women.

    (2 weeks ago he pulled a shirt out of the sheets of his bed and asked if it was mine? Its been months since I had been in his bed, it was a xl see-threw number that diffinietly not mine)

    He drinks to the point of forgetting the simplest of things. Urinates on himself, a real prize!

    My point being, he lies, cheats and drinks! This I have proof of.

    The probable is me, not him!

    Cancer man has this way of pulling you in and then punishing you.

    Sorta like a person who calls a dog to come and then hits the dog.

  • I've been trying to understand his chart. Lol!

    I'm so confused! Ha!

    Perhaps you could advise me?

  • He disrespects you with his behaviour. You don't do that to someone you really love. You must acknowledge that this is an unhealthy relationship. As long as you allow (by staying with him) this guy to misbehave, he will. Get out before you lose all your self-respect. You really can do better.

  • Also, Aquarians often have a vision of people and situations as they could be, not as they are. You must face the reality of the situation, and not hang in there hoping he will change. Because he has no incentive to change, since you allow his behaviour.

  • "cancerman has a way of pulling you in and then punishing you " sorta like a person who calls a dog to come then hits the dog...

    Omg Yes! 🙂

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